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Silly game

My kids wanted to play "the chocolate chip game" last night so I relented. Tom doesn't like them to have chocolate after 6 p.m. but it's really just a few chocolate chips. . . .and I'm tellin' ya, it's the silliest game ever but I love that they still "get into it" even though they are 11, 9, 8, and 6. I think I made it up when Thomas was 4 or 5. . .I don't even really remember. . .it's just one of those traditions that I don't want to forget and play with grandchildren someday!!!

Be prepared. . .it's a silly, silly game but if you have young ones, they will LOVE it. Also note, we have lots of rules because that is how my kids function. Most "normal" families don't have to have so many stipulations but it appears that I'm raising a passel of lawyers around here. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. . .

Supplies: 1 die, 6 post-it notes, chocolate chips
Write one of each of the six numbers on a post-it n…

What we are up to right now. . .

Sunday night, March 21st.

Tom is playing Thomas's DS (because he's already in bed!)
Amanda is playing Frederick's Gameboy (because he's already in bed)
I am browsing blogs, amazed at some things that I'm seeing. . .and just really impressed with others!

Here are some examples:

Some of the bloggers that I regularly follow just returned from a Compassion International Trip. 822 children were sponsored because of this blogger trip. INCREDIBLE! Check out Ryan's post.
And Kristen has such a way with words. . .
These egg wreaths are awesome. . .but don't know that I have the time for something this fun?!?
Doesn't this CPK's BBQ chicken pizza look divine???
And back to mission trips (I told my husband I am amazed how drawn I've become to the idea of participating on something like this with our family. . .). I LOVE Vicki's "scrambled thoughts" at the end of this post.

Last night was Grandpa Foster's birthday. He came down for a weekend vis…

A Day in the Life

ETA: OH! I forgot that today is Company Girl Coffee at Home Sanctuary. It's been a couple weeks since I've last participated due to my schedule so I'm happy to be able to join in this week! I can't wait to find something to do for someone today -- the Small Thing Rachel Anne has posted for this day. Head on over to visit with other Company Girls and comment (you don't have to be a blogger to participate) or add a link to your page so we can visit you too!
Look at what these ladies did yesterday. . .35 kids, 4 moms. . .a live blogging adventure. I was tired after reading about their days!!!! I'm going to re-construct yesterday the best I can. . .it's fun to go back and see what "life" was like. . .you forget the "little" things that make your life at certain points. . .for instance, all the kids are in my room right now (7:39 a.m.) -- three are on the floor, fully dressed in new clothes we bought yesterday, playing spoons and Margar…

Spring Break!!!

Well, after giving up the first three days of Spring Break due to Snow Days, we finally began Spring Break at 3 p.m. yesterday!!! We missed our trip to see the family because I have school on Thursday nights so needed to go at the beginning of the week. . .so. . .I think we're just going to hang out. That is such an unusual thing for us!!! No one this morning got up before 7:30 (except Tom to go to Bible Study and work). . .that was wonderful!!! Then I allowed the kids to get some movies at the library on Monday so they have a stack of those to watch this morning. This is what is on my "list":

* School work for me -- have class tonight, a paper due tomorrow, and something for adolescent psychology due Sunday.
* I have a little work at the Y to do. . .will take the kids for two hours so they can hang out in YPlay and I can do what I love. . .plan a couple soccer events for this season!
* Finish painting the livingroom.
* Easter clothes shopping.
* Frederick (1st grade) ha…

Got Green?

This is what I've got to show you in honor of St. Patrick's Day. . .
I got up early to make a treat for the class I'm subbing for today.
4th grade.

I found the idea for the green from Bakerella but didn't use her recipe (just a white mix and 1/2 bottle of food coloring -- I added that to my measuring cup before the water so I didn't have too much liquid).

The ice cream cone idea came from I-don't-know-where. . .sometimes I just start clicking links on blogs. . .it stuck in my head b/c I hadn't done it in awhile.
They looked better than they tasted, I fear. I couldn't get them done!!! I baked them for the usual "cupcake" time (20 minutes) and then an additional 5 and then I think 5 more. . .until the the cake tester came out clean. Anyhow, I do think they looked really neat and the kids didn't complain at all!!!

And. . .I got the first coat of paint on the walls!!!! Here is the cross wall. . .And this is 24 hours after my shot yesterday. . .T…

Painting. . .

I took a picture of this wall Sunday afternoon. . .
Because now it looks like this:And hopefully by the end of the week I'll have to know how to arrange my crosses back on the wall.

That's right, I'm PAINTING :)I spent all Sunday afternoon taping. . .this room took up an ENTIRE roll of painter's tape. Yes, I have to use tape. . .I am *terrible* at cutting in. Sigh.

I was supposed to start yesterday but then someone called to sub. . .and it was 5th grade (my favorite). . .at my kid's school. . .so the job went on hold.

I got up at 5:30 this morning and got to work!
Days like today I really miss my kids' Papa John. He was my stepfather, the closest person I have ever met who embodies Christ's servant spirit.
His ministry was painting. You couldn't even mention painting without him showing up the next day in his paintclothes, with all of his gear, ready to work. One time he painted a bedroom for a friend's wife who was dying. I think she maybe had thre…

Glimpses of Home

I was blog-hopping tonight and found this blog. People are supposed to post a picture of something that says home to them. Funny enough, this is a picture I took to include in my post earlier this week but I never added it. I love this chair. It was the first piece of furniture I ever bought where I did not get anyone's input. I am so insecure about decorating (and sometimes spending money) that I have to get 10 opinions before I make a move. One day about a year ago I was at Sam's Club to pick something up -- a quick-in-quick-out trip -- and this chair had just been returned and was sitting in the scratch-and-dent area of the store. I saw the imperfection but it didn't seem too bad to me. The discount was 15% or something. . .not significant. . .but there was *something* about the chair. A store attendant said to me "you know, it reclines too". . .no, I didn't know that!!!! I hemmed. . .hawed. . .called my husband. . .and just gave into the pressur…


I have lots to say (don't I always) but none of my thoughts are organized. My husband said "what are you going to do today?" and I didn't have an answer. I don't like aimless days like these. Someone called me to sub today but I had a 8:20 IEP meeting for Frederick so couldn't do it. The principals at my kids' school suggested that I go up to the central office and meet our director of schools so he knows who I am (I would like to have a job someday. . .) but I've called twice today and he is out. I was supposed to meet a good friend for lunch but the battery on her phone died so we couldn't communicate about a meeting place. Sigh. I have two hours left before I have to pick up the kids and I am working at the Y tonight so I have that to look forward to. . .and I am subbing tomorrow and Friday so I might not have any time after these two hours! Feast or famine. . .

Here are some random pictures:Ugh. This is my kitchen counter. I HATE it. …

A Weekend in Review

I have homework due in three hours so naturally I'm procrastinating by typing a blog post. Mainly because I have really missed blogging these past couple CRAZY weeks. And also because I really don't want to think about homework tonight. So. . .the deal with myself is I'm going to warm up with my cup of hot cocoa and write a random post, then I'm going to go and do my homework before I log on to Facebook or anything else that I might find to do on the computer that is unproductive.

My friend Jill sent me a blog that she follows. . .I LOVE it!!! I have spent the better part of the last two hours browsing. . .my IRL friends always thinks I'm "weird" when I say I feel like I know these ladies that I follow. . .but I really DO feel like I know them!!! At least enough to look to them for advice, or relate a story they tell, or whatever. Is that weird? Since you're reading my blog you must have some opinion. . .at least you understand blogging (maybe?)…

Girls Weekend 2010

I wrote this post on the airplane Monday night. . .but am just now getting around to posting it. . .life has been BUSY this week!!! Jill was the only one who brought her camera this year so I have some pictures to post thanks to her. Although we did have sunshine on Sunday we didn't get that captured on film :( Here are a few for the memory bank though.

Me, Missy, Amy