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Our Family Christmas

We always celebrate "our" family Christmas the Sunday before Christmas each year.  Since we travel to family 300 miles away for the actual event, we try to make it special for just the six of us here too.  It's been a great tradition for us.  We go to church (in our Christmas outfits!!!) and then out to eat.  Normally we come home and read Luke 2 together but this year we have been doing something else with that story and they have it down pat. 

We tried a few shots at church, by their tree and I like how they turned out. . .

 I'm not exactly sure why I can't get the boys' picture to turn the right way -- it's fine in the file but when I import it here. . .oh well.
Our Sunday School classes had a special program for all the grade-school kids this morning and Tom played one of the Wise Men in the skit. 
It was a neat little program.  
 Then they had some crafts for the kids at the tables and we took them back to the classrooms to pack up and go.  I had assemble…

Chocolate Chip Cheeseball

A recipe!!!  When I first started blogging I dreamed of doing these posts often. . .I love to cook and share with others. . .but then I found how time-consuming they are. . .and, well, they fell by the way-side.  I have continued to take pictures along the way though and have some photos of the creation I'm making for my YMCA YPlay Christmas party tonight.  We were instructed to bring and appetizer or dessert.  This qualifies as both :)  It's easy, full of calories, and pretty much everyone likes it (and is a great addition to all the salty appetizers that always show up).

Anyhow, here is your Cast of Characters:
 Yep, took these pictures New Year's Eve last year.  Must have been my contribution to the party :)

Make sure your 1/2 cup butter and 8 oz. of cream cheese are at room temperature before beginning.  It will make it *much* easier to put together.

 After this is mixed together, add 1/4 t. vanilla, 3/4 c. confectioner's sugar, and 2 T brown sugar
Yummy!  Add 3/4 cu…

Yep, it was a snow WEEK

Ugh.  This morning I got up, knowing there was a 2-hr delay but SURE we would have school because it had been raining all night and the temperatures were supposed to climb into the 40's.  Well, since I ran out and purchased all the $5 gifts for classroom parties last night after church Murphy's Law went into effect and school was canceled.  Oh my.  So. . . .what started out Monday as a hunch turned into the truth today.  A full week of no school (today was the last scheduled full day until January) and little preparation for it.

We've stayed busy.  I've worked four shifts at the Y, we've met Tom for lunch, baked a lot, hit up the library and have had mandatory reading times in the afternoon, watched a few (too many?) movies, and I've spent too much time on the computer.  Thomas managed to make a milkshake in the blender then pour it all over the floor. . .then decided on cookies and broke a dish. . .but I'm happy he's entertaining himself and trying to …

Time to Catch Up -- Another Snow Day (or week)

This is my journal, yet I haven't had *time* to journal in the last 6 weeks or so.  I miss writing down these mundane memories. . .especially since I enjoy going back and seeing where we were and where we are. . .life is just a wonderful adventure!

Our back deck (it isn't covered) didn't have anything on it so I think the accumulation is more of an effect of blowing snow then actual snow fall.  Ugh, but it is COLD.  Today's high is 22, low 7.  Tomorrow isn't looking much better.  I think we better plan on being out of school until 2011.  The YMCA even closed this morning -- I'm supposed to work on snow days but since almost all streets are a sheet of ice travel around here is minimal this morning.

The kids were all outside at 7:35.  AM.  Ugh.  The last one came back in at 7:48.  I don't understand why they spend all the time getting layers and layers of clothes on and then five minutes outside (that's when the first one came back in). . .you should see …