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I'm going to miss this

Our spring soccer season is over.  Not just for Thomas, but Marie and Frederick too.  We were tournament-hopping the two weekends before Memorial Day.

Our YMCA decided to add a U10 (Frederick) tournament to the U12 (Marie) tournament they already do at the end of each rec season.  Unfortunately I could not be at Frederick's games because Thomas (select/travel soccer) had tournament games at another location both weekends. . .and since Tom coaches the U10 team he wasn't able to get pictures. . .the team was very disappointed to lose an easy first game which put them in the "losing" finals the following weekend which they easily won.

It was a disappointing season for all of them because they were undefeated last season and the majority of the team was the same.  Oh well. . .you lose some, you win some. . .it was more that they didn't play to their full capability that I think was a disappointment. . .that just happens some seasons I guess.

Marie (#11) had her same …

Happy Birthday Margaret!

She had a terrific 10th birthday :) 
Thomas isn't in this picture because he was taking it :)  I didn't take my camera out to the beach today but my dad (and Thomas) got a few - including this one - with Dad's iphone:
OK, no idea why the only picture I have of Thomas right now is upside down. . .but my dad had this one of him today on a skimboard he had rented.  TERRIBLE day to not have my camera. . .this is all I get.  Oh well. . .if you can turn your computer upside down you'll have a nice appreciation of the waves the Atlantic was throwing our way today.  Pretty nice!

It was a full birthday for sure. . .Margaret, we are so incredibly blessed to be your parents and to share in your life with you every day. 
You, surrounded by your gifts this morning.  I hope this day was everything that you hoped it would be.

Great picture

I just pulled this off of our soccer training website -- it was taken last Friday night.  Marie (third from right) just looks so happy and beautiful here.   This is the girl that I know and love so much.  Thomas is in the back row all the way on the left. . .next to one of his school teammates, a future school teammate (he's transferring to his school next year) and then another school teammate.  They all play, along with the boy right in front of Thomas, together on a U13 select/travel team.  This is such a great group of kids and their instructor, AR, is just super.

Last Day of School 2012

I *almost* forgot this picture this morning. . .half of us were in the van, buckled in and Thomas said, "Mom, you forgot to take our picture!"  I will *forever* remain grateful to him for reminding me :)

Here was last year. . .just a few days later.  My, what a difference a year makes. . .I could never, ever have imagined that they would all be where they all are now. . .or me either!  I sent the first picture to my sister this morning and she replied back that she couldn't believe how "grown up" Margaret looked. . .and I didn't really understand that statement until right now, when I see the difference in a year. . .her hair is so much longer. . .and Thomas so much taller. . .in last year's picture they are holding up their final report cards. . .they all did well again this year too.  This last picture makes me a little nostalgic for "what was" (homeschooling with Daniel 1 Academy) and yet again, as I reflect on these last five months, I…


I attended/was a part of the most terrific event at school on Friday.  The language arts teacher on our 7A team put together an OSCAR production for everyone to be a part of!
Mrs. Young spends *weeks* working with the students. . .from what I understand, first they nominate (in class) characters, books, and authors for different categories like best series, best male character, best animal character, best villain, etc.
She then narrows all the nominations down to three in each category and at some point all the students vote on one from each category (see example above from the program). 
All the students either pick or are assigned a character to dress up as. . .they are nominees (like Thomas, who was President Snow) or presenters. . .Peter Pan and his friends introduced these nominees.
 Here is a picture of President Snow before he left the school.  Somehow on the bus ride to our venue, he lost his mustache.  My stage pictures aren't that great because I was sorta backstage hel…