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Red River Gorge

We took a quick (if anyone would call 4 hours one-way "quick") trip into Kentucky this weekend to vacation at Red River Gorge.  If you counted, you would notice that there are 10 kids in this picture. . .there were 6 adults there to account for all of them!!!
My sister's family:
Her good friends and neighbors:
And, of course, this Bell Bunch:
We met up Friday night. . .later then we thought because our drive was longer then we thought it was going to be.  After a wrong turn off the highway and a couple "pull off and consult the map" stops, we finally arrived about 8 p.m. We had the burgers, buns, and condiments part of dinner so we pretty quickly got the grill heated up and dinner out. 

We had a chalet that slept 14 but the kids were pretty good sports about sleeping 3-to-a-bed and there were sofas too.  Saturday morning I got up to this:
Of course this was on the other side:
We did finally get them out the door and drove through this:
It was a long, one-lane, hand-d…

Our week in pictures

I'm still keeping up with "Picture of the Day" pretty well -- even if sometimes it ends up on my cellphone!  My "dream" is to make a monthly book with the kids to journal their year but it's March 25th and it's still just a dream -- ha!  All is good time. . .I've also had a vision of all my husband's soccer team pictures (he's been coaching as long as the kids have been playing) hanging in his closet. . .8 seasons later it's done!!!  The kids and I finally got around to gathering them all and hanging them yesterday:

(The closet is pretty narrow so it's hard to get a full shot.)  We didn't go to any great lengths to measure or anything (oh the HORRORS of that to my engineering husband and FIL!) but it was for an inside closet wall so I wasn't too worried.  I'm so happy to have them all in one place now!!

Actually, this was a project in and of itself. . .at 12:30 this is what my husband's closet looked like:
And about 2 p…