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December 2017 recap

I'm positive that there is too much to recap all in one post, but I'm gonna try because I don't think I'll have another chance. . .
I tried a pre-Christmas post a week or more ago and when I couldn't get my first picture (to the side) to turn I gave up. . .and then all of our Christmases happened -- our family, the cousins, the Bells, and the Grandparents.  We actually have one more to go tomorrow with our framily, the Maxwells.

December 2017 is definitely one to remember.  Tom and I headed to my work party to kick off the season on November 30th.  It was really a client holiday party, but spouses were encouraged to attend.  I'm glad he got to meet all the great people I work with :)  It was a nice night and I'm happy to be gaining so much experience in a different field.

Two nights later we had Tom's Christmas party -- it was a little more formal and I always look forward to the fun of dressing up a bit.
Unfortunately it was not the greatest party we …

It's Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas. . .

We hit the ground running with the holiday season the Sunday after Thanksgiving, heading to our local Children's Hospital fundraiser, Fantasy of Trees.
One of the partners at work had some tickets and gave me enough for our family. . .in the end Robert was back at school and Erin didn't want to go (I put her on another Christmas-y task!) and so Laura brought her good friend Kris. . .our framily, Barbara & Tommy joined us also.  It was a really neat exhibition and definitely something that I hope to do again :)
Businesses (and I would assume, individuals) donate decorated trees and then people buy them.  The above was a "tree" that Tom's engineering firm did!

They had little trees and big trees. . .most were already sold by Sunday night. . .the table-top trees seemed to be priced under $100 (a lot of schools and non-profits did these) and the big trees were, I suspect, hundreds of dollars. 

And I took pictures of a few "crafty" things for my friends…