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Friday Favorites (on a Saturday in September)

Well.  Life has really picked up speed around here!!  I'm not looking at blogs everyday anymore and then I sit down and realize how long it's been since I've checked in with my Favorites list on my right sidebar or even updated my material.  I'll attempt to make this short and sweet with a couple of weeks worth of pictures I dumped my phone last night before heading to bed -- at midnight!!!
Of all my pictures. . .this is the easiest favorite :)  All my kiddies at home.  We picked Thomas up at 1230 on Saturday and he left again at 4 p.m. Sunday but no matter what, a momma's heart is happiest when we are all together.

We have an incredibly talented and generous dad on our HS team that takes pictures of all the athletes and posts them for us to use.  What a gift it is to enjoy the games and still have pics to look at afterwards :)
Soccer, soccer all the time!  The season is almost over. . .Margaret informed us last night that she has made a goal in every regulation-t…

Our baby is 14!

Wow, Frederick, I can't believe that you -- our "baby" -- are 14 years old now!!
My favorite thing about you?  How much you love FAMILY.  You want to spend time with people who love you. . .meaning that even for your birthday it's worth it for us to drive ~300 miles so you can celebrate with those that love you the most :)
We made the trip last year too -- three generations of Bells here :)
And you posed for me again this year too!!

Again, Aunt Jodi and Uncle Brian hosted a great party for you. . .starting with your sister and cousin frying up the best (and most special) onion rings. . .
Nana got the first taste this year but the picture is blurry!!  (That will teach me to use your dad's phone. . .)

I was lucky enough to get a picture with you this year. . .

As I did last year before school. . .it's kinda fun to have a birthday on a Sunday and not have to go to school that day, huh?

And a picture with Grandma. . .

"The Spread" and only picture I re…