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Company Girl Coffee 2.19.10

Good Morning Company Girls!!! I'm so glad to join you again this week :) I missed last week (and almost all of this week) due to NO INTERNET. UGH! We don't have a television service -- although our small town has a PBS station that saved me with toddlers, and we don't have a newspaper delivered b/c we don't have time to read it, and then we were "snowed" in for two days. . .man, it's been a l.o.n.g. 2 weeks. . .although they went to school 3 days last week, none of them were full days -- 2 were delays and 1 was an early dismissal. This week we've been out 4 days. . .but. . .the kids go back to school today -- one hour late, but I'll take it!!! We need to get back on schedule around here. Counting MLK Day and President's Day we have missed 19 days of school in addition to 20+ hours in delays and early dismissals in 2010. It's not all complaints though. . .I really, really love my children and we are blessed with a home large enough …

Life Without Internet Access

I am beginning to really feel the pain of no internet access. I always knew my life "revolved" around the internet (especially when we moved to our rural area) but it's really come to light this last week. Last Thursday it went down unexpectedly and after two phone calls from me to tech services Friday, then one from my husband, we still didn't have the issue resolved. We were put in for a service call, but you know how that goes. Tom went out Sunday and bought a new modem, thinking that could be the cause. After HOURS of work on that it was a no-go. It's not the modem. He called again yesterday (Monday) and again, we're "on the repair call list". Great.

Do you know how many things I do on the internet? I sure didn't. Sunday the kids asked "who started Valentine's Day?". Hmmmmmm. . . .can't go look it up. All the kids got $5 bills in their Valentine's from their grandparents and Thomas suggested we go to the movies. Great id…

P-Dub is the BEST!

You all know Pioneer Woman, right? Right?!? If you don't you have a l-o-n-g day/night reading ahead of you because when you head over to her site you won't leave for several hours. My friend (and fellow blogger Mel) introduced me to her a couple of years ago and I've been hooked ever since. I followed her cookbook journey and missed meeting her at our closest "big city" because my kids had a school program the same night she was going to be there signing her cookbooks. You might remember that I purchased 7 of them in December. . .well, they were such a big hit as Christmas gifts this year that I decided to buy three more for my up-coming Girl's Weekend on Anna Maria Island.I remembered reading at some point that Ree would be happy to sign any books that we sent to her if we weren't able to actually make it to one of her signings. Once my books arrived from Amazon I shipped them off to her, hoping the offer was still good. I wrote her a quick note a…


This is currently what my dining room table looks like:While most of the nation was tuned in to the Super Bowl (I did hear it was a good game), our family was busy with Valentine cards for school parties on Friday. My kids like to make their own and I conjured up the patience last night to let them.What memories these are and I'm so glad that we had this time together.I got out red, pink, and white paper, pink and red stamps, a couple alphabet sets, my V-day stamps, ribbon and let them get to work. They did a really good job, each of them, at creating their own unique designs.After two hours no one is completely done, but the older two have a much bigger stash than the younger two. Here is Thomas's pile:
There's just something about an 11-yr-old boy working so hard on something for his classmates. He's such a caring soul. . .I hope this never changes.
Marie made white cards for the boys and is working on the pink ones for her female classmates.
She was very careful st…


I get many requests for "my" salsa recipe so today I finally remembered to take pictures while I fixed it after church. I wish my photography skills were a tad more sharp. . .I don't think this picture is the best representation of the product. . .maybe one of these days we'll have a bright, sun-shiney day where I can photograph it natural sunlight and replace this one. Anyhow. . .this is how I prepare it but I think everyone that I give the recipe to adds their own little "twist" on it. That's the way it's supposed to be!!! When I have fresh lime I add some juice to this. Fresh tomatoes are definitely an option when they are in season. . .fresh cilantro is great. . .again, you choose what you and/or your family likes best! Personally, I cannot eat jarred salsa anymore. . .and I think you will feel the same way once you whip this up a time or two. It takes about five minutes, start to finish, and it's easy to always have the ingredients on…

Company Girl Coffee 2.5

Morning! It's 5:50 a.m. where I am but have a busy day ahead so thought I'd get started with my post now, although the link isn't even up yet :) I have had little time to blog this week and I certainly missed out on visiting with all the Company Girls last weekend. . .you would think with being "snowed in" there would be MORE time but alas, in my life that means less. My kids are home and that is my full-time, never-ending job. The days have been aimless (which I don't like) but now that today they finally go back to school -- it's been a week! -- I am sorry to see our time go. We've developed a pattern around here. . .sort of. . .and. . .well. . .I love them. The upside is I am subbing in their school today so we'll essentially be together most of the day anyway!

I'm sipping on some of "my" hot chocolate and reviewing some of what we've done. . .I worked a couple of shifts at the YMCA and that got us out of the house. Of c…

Snow Day Tuesday

And I just heard it will be Snow Day Wednesday tomorrow and I'm betting Snow Day Thursday and possibly Snow Day Friday. . .the weather forecast doesn't look too promising. The problem is, the roads aren't getting cleared off. The temperatures have stayed above freezing and you would think that it wouldn't be all that difficult to move the slush off. . .but I guess the county actually needs the equipment to move the slush off. . .???

Here's a rundown:
*6:15 a.m. - alarm goes off
*7:30 a.m. - Leave the house on the first timer ring. . .yea! (Technically they have 5 rings to get out, but 1 is superb)
*Drive to tennis. . .the roads are much worse than I anticipated. Still got there close to on time so I was happy. When you only have 1.5 hours of court time a week, every minute matters!!!
*8-9:30 - play tennis. . .none of us were especially "on our game" but we were out, hitting the ball so all is good. . .the kids were GREAT. . .
*9:30-10 a.m. -- find t…