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I get many requests for "my" salsa recipe so today I finally remembered to take pictures while I fixed it after church. I wish my photography skills were a tad more sharp. . .I don't think this picture is the best representation of the product. . .maybe one of these days we'll have a bright, sun-shiney day where I can photograph it natural sunlight and replace this one. Anyhow. . .this is how I prepare it but I think everyone that I give the recipe to adds their own little "twist" on it. That's the way it's supposed to be!!! When I have fresh lime I add some juice to this. Fresh tomatoes are definitely an option when they are in season. . .fresh cilantro is great. . .again, you choose what you and/or your family likes best! Personally, I cannot eat jarred salsa anymore. . .and I think you will feel the same way once you whip this up a time or two. It takes about five minutes, start to finish, and it's easy to always have the ingredients on hand (when I'm *really* in a pinch I used dried onion flakes and garlic powder). . .again, whatever suits you and your family.You need a can of diced tomatoes (or a few fresh seeded diced tomatoes), onion, garlic, course salt, cilantro (or in this case, dried cilantro), and a chipolte seasoning.
I bought mine at Sam's Club (I usually go through one of these a year) but think I've seen these kinds of seasonings on the shelves of the grocery store too.
I also use this hand food processor that I got YEARS ago from Tupperware. I have no idea if they still sell them (in fact the original recipe that mine has evolved from is from a Tupperware show!!!) but a regular food processor or even a blender would work just as well. If you like things chunky then you won't need anything. . .just dump, stir, and enjoy :)
I dumped the can of diced tomatoes in, coursely chopped up 1/2 the onion pictured, pressed 2 large garlic cloves (you could certainly chop that up too), used maybe 1/2 t. salt, probably a teaspoon of dried cilantro, and a "palmful" of the seasoning mix.
Actually after I took this picture I added a bit more :)Have you tried these baked chips? They are SO GOOD. I don't much like baked potato chips, but these Tostitos are really light and tasty.

There you are! I hope you enjoy. . .you really can't mess it up. Today I made this right before lunch, but ideally you'll want to make it at least 2 hours before serving for the best taste. My family gobbled almost all of it up so make a double recipe if you're planning on sharing. . .:)


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