Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Technology Tickets

I have tried everything this small brain knows to rotate the picture -- can't figure it out.

Anyway, I have had a few more questions on my summer Technology Tickets so thought I'd write a quick post.

They change each year, depending on the season of life we are in and our family's goals and objectives for that year. 

I fill them out the night before and leave them on the counter.  They check off their items as they do them and then bring it to me to give an "OK".  No big deal.

There is no time limit on these. . .I have had to institute "no television in the living room if everyone is not done" because it is distracting.  Other than that, if they don't do them I (try) not to fuss.  Yesterday Marie did NOT want to fold the laundry so she just never had television/computer/game privileges.  No big deal.  I did put it back on her ticket today because I need it done, but it's not in addition to two more jobs. . .just one of 2.

Sometimes the jobs are personal to them, like "empty your laundry basket" or "clean your cubby" but mostly they are family jobs like vacuum, clean a bathroom, etc.  There are some jobs that they need help with so it will say, "work on flowers with Mom" -- I like those jobs!

So. . .there you have it.  They also have "regular" chores (mow the lawn, water flowers, feed the dog, trash, etc.) but that is just expected and not related to technology privileges.  Do what works for you!!!

This year (since the pictures are hard to read -- sorry!!) this is what they look like:

              All clothes and towels in your bedroom picked up and put away
              Bed made – blankets folded
              Daily chores:                                                                                    
              45 minutes reading – from                           to                                       
              Exercise or play outside for 45 minutes.  15 minutes must be structured – running/walking, push-ups, sit-ups, jumping on trampoline, juggling soccer ball, etc. – please list that part here:

 Hope this helps you structure your summer if you are the type that likes that sort of thing -- I know many, many people would cringe at something like this because summer is for FUN and RELAXATION!!!  I promise, we have plenty of that too. . .I just need this little bit of structure going on too -- teacher in me or not :)

~ Jenni


Friday, June 20, 2014

I miss blogging SO MUCH

I miss blogging SO MUCH.  It is so very time-consuming and I just don't take that time.  I don't have the time?  I don't know if that's fair. . .I'm pretty caught up (for the first time in months) on reading my favorite blogs (listed in the sidebar) and have been fairly good at keeping up with Facebook.  But blogging requires me to sit down and intentionally put words to pictures -- not like my FB Picture of the Day where I upload a picture and add a few words. . .that's easy.  What I *love* is taking pictures with a story in mind.  What I don't do (or take the time to do) is actually add those words to my pictures to create the stories that serve as memories for us.

Somehow, tonight, I ran across this old post and it just tears me up that I don't have a consistent journal of the last 1-2 years of our lives.  It's the "little" things I forget about. . .or don't see when they are happening but a picture captures it for me.

Anyway, Margaret was 9 in that post.
These are pictures I took of her tonight, when she wanted to "model" some of her garage sale finds:
The only thing not from the sale are the white pants -- she already had them.  Her toes match the top!
 She continually amazes me.  Two weeks ago I bought her a couple of dresses and she was NOT excited.  Even when AVJ (her cousin whom she adores) and her Aunt Jodi gushed about the one dress she still refused to keep it.  And now. . .well. . .it was almost all dresses tonight.  She's beautiful, inside and out, no matter what she wears.  This one is her favorite (so far):
Look at those gorgeous arms!!!  She is so strong :)  Her brother Frederick was bragging to his friend this afternoon about his sister Margaret's muscles -- ha!

So. . .in reflecting on what I wrote on her 9th birthday:
She has a sense of style that must be in-born and not something learned. . .she can make anything look good.  She loves to craft and make people things.  She has the most annoying high-pitched scream.  She likes to separate herself from others. . .a few years ago I realized that I rarely have pictures with her in a group.  She doesn't like her picture taken with others unless she's "in the mood".  She is smart and pretty and energetic.  She is our night owl.  She's very athletic but doesn't stick with any one thing very long. . .she's been a cheerleader, dancer, gymnast, swimmer and soccer player. 

Wow.  How true that all still is. . .3 years later.  You can *see* her style above.  She still has that scream ;)  This week we moved all of our gift-wrapping supplies into her bedroom because she has basically taken that chore over for our household.
We organized tissue paper in the bottom drawer and other drawers hold bows and ribbons, scissors, tape, and she insisted on a drawer for "scrap" pieces of paper.  This piece of furniture was my 21st birthday present.  I hope it continues to be re-purposed for the next 20+ years!

I just went back to see when her last "group" picture was taken -- it was Father's Day this last Sunday (because she *had* to -- ha!)
I *cannot* believe our good fortune -- this beautiful family I am blessed to be a part of.  Marie is now the sullen one who rarely likes to have her picture taken. . .Frederick will still let me every once in awhile and Thomas is surprisingly tolerant, seeing as he's 15 years old ;)

Back to Margaret -- she's still our night owl. . .she was up until almost 11 tonight trying clothes on and finding jewelry to match with it. . .and still athletic.  She spent 2013 as an all-star cheerleader who has now become "obsessed" (her words) with soccer and looks and acts like she's never done anything but play that game.  She's amazing.

I hate to spend this one post on only one child but I have been working on it for over an hour.  It's now past 1 a.m.  At least I'm afforded the luxury of these late nights now that it's summer!  I will do my best to at least balance this post with three more in the next few days :)

So, Margaret, if you ever look back on my diary here at Jenni's Seasons, I hope that see how proud we are of you.  How much you are loved.  How much you are valued.  Your inner beauty sure shines through the exterior God gave you.  If you zoom in on that first picture we took tonight I think you will see your Aunt Kathy.  You are a Bell, through-and-through.  And the cuddly part I wrote about when you were 9?  Today you had to get your 7th grade immunizations and wanted to hold my hand.  I can't remember the last time that you asked -- it was a privilege to be there with you.  Your big, beautiful, brown eyes did tear up with that second shot -- the nurse said a lot of people say that that one hurts the most.  But when it was over your confident smile was back and you and your sister headed off for ice cream together while I waited for the office to finish printing up the forms.  And the dramatic part of you wants to wear a sling tomorrow on the arm that got the tetanus shot because it's sore. . .you are your very own unique, special person. 

So. . .relatives that used to read but don't anymore because I "never" post -- here you go.  And hopefully several more before I step back into the classroom July 22nd and school once again replaces any "time" I have. . .!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Monday, December 2, 2013

Stationery Card

Stationery Card
View the entire collection of cards.

Stationery Card

Stationery Card
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Monday, October 7, 2013

ALGOOD GIRLS SOCCER: Algood repeats as district champ

ALGOOD GIRLS SOCCER: Algood repeats as district champ: ALGOOD — The Algood Middle School girls soccer team completed the 2013 soccer season undefeated in the Upper Cumberland middle school conference regular season and won the post season tournament on...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

iPhone pictures

A few weeks ago (o.k., I started this post a few weeks ago. . .now it's more like a month or so ago) my sister gifted me with her iPhone.  Previously I had used a "regular" phone from Wal-Mart, insisting that it was OK.  Every once in a blue moon I would say "if I had a smartphone. . ." but in reality it was really o.k.  I had a Kindle Fire.  And a camera I carried around all the time anyway.  But this phone?!? 

Magic I say.  Magic.  I love it :)

Looks like Miss Margaret broke in the cameraphone for me. . .I didn't even realize this was on there until I saw it downloaded on my computer :)

Marie helping me paint our dining room chairs!  She was instrumental in helping me choose the colors too -- she rocks.

I'm assuming this is a selfie because I can't imagine I took it. . .and I can't figure out where we are either. . .??

This was my picture of the day for June 22, taken at 12:14 p.m. (love the details the phone stores for me!!)

AR training one night. . .I like the ability I have to instantly post to FB :)

We didn't make many of these sessions this summer and the kids really missed it.

One day when I was on campus I went up to my classroom and sent a picture of my newly repaired floor to my husband -- maintenance did a great job fixing it.  Then an hour later I found out that this would NOT be my classroom this school year :(

I can also take video and immediately show Margaret what she is good at and/or what she needs to improve on (not that I would know -- she's good at critiquing herself though).

I like taking pictures of my kids with their friends and sending the picture to their parent when they can't be there to enjoy the fun :)

 One day I came across these pictures in a storage container upstairs.  Obviously the "cousins" picture has some damage so I took a pic and sent it to my sister, thinking she might have a copy somewhere.  She didn't :(

My completed dining room chairs :)  LOVE them!

Obviously Marie didn't want me taking her picture. . .even though I had just bought her a treat. . .

I love where I live. . .
Another picture of the day (July 2nd)

Posting a picture on FB of things I was removing from my bookshelf. . .did have one person want one cookbook. . .off to GW with the rest!  Don't worry, I still have an entire shelf full of cookbooks. . .

Another advantage of the iPhone. . .writing a note to the maintenance staff and then documenting the date and time that I posted it (so it can't get "lost") and e-mailing it to myself for reference -- ha!

Add caption
Shopping is great because I can take pictures of different items to send to Tom for his opinion, or just to keep and refer back to. . .

Another picture-of-the-day and snapshot of LIFE. . .taken July 14th at 9:15 p.m.

My freshly-painted, in-progress "cousins" wall. . .that top left picture is still driving me nuts -- I need to re-position it -- and I eventually want to paint the word that size, hence the paper taped to the wall.

Capturing a full rainbow on the soccer field and my new favorite picture of Marie. . .

Oh!  One of me. . .ha!

And last but not least. . .at least in this phone dump folder. . .HAPPY BIRTHDAY SMILES!!!