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Happy Father's Day Tom!

The kids were ALL at Camp last week and we finally were all back together for a couple of hours yesterday.  I was able to wrangle a picture because it was Father's Day :)

We tried to go boating but Frederick wasn't feeling well (doesn't look it in this picture but by then he'd had some food, rest, and medicine) so Frederick and I stayed back at camp and the others (plus a friend) went out to the lake.

There were a few gifts:

A UTC DAD t-shirt and grill cover.
(Margaret is there. . .hidden by Marie)

Reflecting, as I often do in the early morning, I came upon this:
November 17, 1998 - probably about 6 a.m.  I know we became parents when we started caring for my body and the child growing inside, but this was the last picture taken of "just the two of us".  My mom, dad, and sister were all there that morning. . .we had arrived at the hospital sometime before 5 and at this time the baby was still named "Amy Robert" -- ha!
Our firstborn arrived at 6:32 …
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Friday Favorites - the best of May 2017

What a month May 2017 was!!!  If I *had* to pick a Picture of the Month it would be this:
A graduate, three more to go, and I don't think I have a *single* picture of the dog in a group picture.
But then there is this:
CAMP!!!  We were there as a family mid-month for their 75th celebration and I just got home from there again yesterday because I was doing some work during training week, which is happening now.  The three older ones are there for the summer. . .Thomas is a counselor, Marie a junior counselor, and Margaret a CIT (counselor-in-training).  Frederick leaves to go -- as a camper -- next Sunday.  We LOVE CLC.  This was a Picture-of-the-Day Wednesday night, as the counselors and jr. counselors were worshiping together by the pool.

They have quite a crew serving this year. . .two years ago I had the idea to do biographies on each of the counselors and last year decided hang them on the wall of the dining hall so parents can know who they are leaving their 8-14-year-old chi…

What a GRAD day

This was my Picture of the Day Saturday.  It sums it all up :)

A few months ago my sister was distressed that I didn't have something "big" planned for Thomas's graduation - I have always thought of HS as an expectation and while it should be marked (just like a birthday) I really didn't have anything over-the-top planned.  She wanted to do something but we couldn't travel up there with end-of-year schedules so she said, with her family's hectic schedules and all, that they would come here.

My dad arrived Thursday and then Saturday Thomas, Marie, Tom, and I were going to meet my mom and the VJ's at a state park for a hike -- because my sister and son really like to hike.  My husband, older daughter, older niece, and BIL were going to tag along.  My youngest niece, Susan, and my mom didn't want to hike so I was going to drive with Tom and the kids and bring Mom and Susan home with me.

The meet up didn't go as planned. . .

We arrived at the na…