September 2018 - Pictures of the Day

I have been doing Picture of the Day for ages now.  (I explained it a little bit here.)  Especially before Facebook -- that just gave me a great place to collect my pictures in one place.  Way back when I started homeschooling, I had the idea that we would take pictures and journal about them as writing assignments (I was a big scrapbooker back in the day). . .the journaling part never really took off, but Picture of the Day did :)

So. . .here is my September wrap-up, all in one spot (for my future reference. . .browse through if you like).

It takes me forever from start-to-finish on a blog post. . .hence why the pictures are unedited.  Maybe someday I'll figure out a system for that too.

September 1st -
Her Bell grandparents were down for the weekend and sat out in the hot, hot summer days to cheer this girl and her team on during a local tournament.  They lost badly against one team and won another. . .this is her last high school year so a special time for her and them for sure.

A Day in the Life. . .September 2018

Recently several bloggers that I like keeping up with did a "Day in the Life" series here.  I really enjoy these and revisited this one of mine from 2015. . .it's amazing where we were and where we are.  How much changes and how much stays the same. . .

I was trying to wait for a "normal" day and then finally realized, there are no "normal" days. . .not in this season anyway.  Originally I was going to try for Monday but forgot until about 8 a.m. so figured Tuesday would work just as well.  Of course that is the day that I woke at 4 a.m., couldn't go back to sleep and finally gave it up and started my day at 4:32.
And walked downstairs to this:

No one in the family seems to have the energy at night to do much more than put leftover food away. . .usually the dishwasher gets run too.  I really don't mind because I'm one of those annoying-all-the-energy-in-the-world morning people.
I spent the next two hours cleaning the kitchen (deep cleaning…