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This and That - March 2017

I sat down to blog about Spring Break (two weeks after the fact!) but don't have all of my pictures in one place.  Sigh.  Lately I've been searching for pictures for various things and find so many that I take but never write about.  Here is one of my favorites from Spring Break 2017:
We had a Spring Break trip this year -- not a vacation (something we plan and budget for) -- but a trip to see some family in Florida.  This was the last night we were there -- it was a quick 3-day haul with an additional day at each end for travel -- and, as you can see by the way we were dressed, it was a fairly cold March evening in the Tampa Bay area.

Ok, I've tried three times to get this picture to turn. . .oh well.  Marie did not go with the rest of us to FL -- instead, she was invited by Marla's host family to join them in Hilton Head.  I don't think the temperature ever got above  sixty degrees for them the entire week :(  Both the girls said they still had a great time thou…
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Love well

I needed some pictures late last week and realized that I don't spend enough time documenting the moments in life -- to me, if the picture is important enough to take, it's something I want to journal about.  It used to be that I was so busy documenting that I was forgetting to live in the moment. . .I think I have a much better balance now.  But then, this week, I was reminded of why pictures have always been important to me -- because LIFE is important and it's fleeting.
My aunt lost her son (in the sunglasses) this week.  It was unexpected.  He was 41.  He was one of my twin cousins.  Born on my sister's 2nd birthday.  I say "my aunt's son" because I can't imagine losing a child.  I'm sure no one can.  He was also a dad -- of that great kid all the way to the left in the front row.  J is 9.  So a boy is now without his father, and a mother and father without their  son.  His girlfriend lost her partner and many people lost a friend.  His sister…

The Last Three Weeks. . .

Since I don't know where to start or what to say, I thought I'd let my phone pictures do the talking :)

Thomas (he says that's what they call him at work too. . .looks so much like his dad!) began an internship at Tom's office in the shop.  Very cool to be sending them off to work together each day --   and helpful since we have four drivers and only three vehicles!  He's there for this semester of school (he graduated HS in December) and is taking three classes at the local community college, still working his other part-time job, and now doing this internship at the company Tom works for to get his feet wet in what he is going to major in -- engineering.
We had a 3-day "sick week" from school my birthday week -- almost all local schools were out -- so Marie and I got this big 1000-pc New Orleans puzzle out.  I won't lie, she did 75% of if -- I'm not even sure Margaret and I can claim even the other 25%.  It was nice not to be sick ourselves and …

Christmas 2016

It's three days into 2017 and another Christmas is in the books.  Christmases.  With an "s".  I love that we have special time with so many different people at different times around Christmas. . .

On Wednesday, December 21st, we planned our family Christmas.  Just the six of us and special people that are framily (friends that are like family). . .this year is was Marla and the Maxwells.  I haven't spent time blogging like usual this year, but the Maxwells are dear friends/neighbors we have become close to over this last year.  So. . .we set up schedules a few weeks ago, Thomas took the night off work, and we planned our framily Christmas.

Barbara brought over quite a spread to get the evening started :)
It was enjoyed by ALL!

For the last several years, I have made the same "special" meal for "our" Christmas -- beef tenderloin, saute onions & mushrooms, twice-baked potatoes, bread and asparagus.  This year we added Grandma's corn casse…