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Life Lately - mid-August edition

I don't just blog -- I love reading and am inspired by them :)  Shay, over at Mix and Match Mama, posed a "Life Lately" post so I thought I would jump in and do so also.
I have looked back the last two months and just can't find that "one" picture that kind of captures it "all".  I know where we were when this picture was taken but don't remember the occasion?  I think it may have been our week home alone in June. . .it's rare to dress up and go out so glad I have a Picture of the Day to remember it :)

We have had a busy summer. . .but yet sort of boring and lonely with three of the kids gone for most of it.  And now school has started (and we take our oldest to college on Thursday) and my emotions are all over the place.  This is the first time in many, many years that I have not begun school with my kiddos.

I'm sad yet know leaving the classroom behind is best for now.  I'm a mess whenever I think about Thursday. . .watching almo…
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Last Summer Day on the Lake

Don't let this picture fool you!!  This is the first time I have been behind the boat -- on a tube or skis -- in years and years!  I'm also fully dressed. . .there was *no* expectation that I was going to be thrown off :)  Frederick wanted to be pulled to the marina once we decided to go in so I said I would ride with him.  It may be the last ride of my life -- my 45-yr-old neck was not happy with this decision.  It was a bit choppy so I got a few bumps in. . .

This is what shopping for a day on the lake looks like -
Margaret and I headed out early Saturday morning to get groceries for the day. . . And then we set off to head two hours west to our favorite lake and marina -- despite the rain.  Gotta love smartphones and apps -- they have turned us into meteorologists that predict when and where the rain might be in relation to us and our plans.  It was a fairly cloudy day but warm and a great way to end the summer.

 Look at this show-off. . .doing 360's on the kneeboard :)

17 July 17

It's been awhile. . .and not that I haven't had time to sit down and update. . .it just seemed I didn't have anything to say.  Then I go through pictures and decide that yes, indeed, my life has been FULL. . .this kind of full. . .

Eating dinner, all six of us together.
Banquet night at camp.
Dog Park.
Sharing meals (and movies!) with our neighbors.
Ohio trips.

No pictures of our first meal together since. . .well. . .I don't know when.  Thomas's graduation party?  But then there were many people there. . .it's been a long summer.

The two oldest left for camp the day after that party and didn't come home until yesterday.

Here is my favorite picture of the two of them from his party though:
No technology at camp!  I love that rule. . .but as a mom I have to re-adjust how to communicate with them and how to remember what I want to tell them (now I understand the lists by the phone that my grandparents would keep for their once-a-wee…