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Right Now

The kids and Tom are skyping with Fred & Nancy. . .so much fun!!!
Tom bought a camera for his parents this Christmas and they try to talk about once a week.  It is really cool.
I love the looks of joy on the kids' faces when they see Nana and Grandpa each week :)

And it is cool because Nancy offered to re-cover my bar stools for my birthday present and she took one home. . .when one was covered she could show it to me!!!  Then they sent paint samples because they are going to paint them too (I know, I have *awesome* in-laws). . .tonight we were able to hold up the samples that we liked the best :)

It's a school night. . .too late for too much. . .we did end up "getting it all in" on Saturday. . .the little kids and I only made it through the first half of the first game of the University basketball game we went to but the other three made it all the way through the game :)

And Thomas's soccer team came in second place at his indoor tournament. . .yea!! 


Crazy (Good) Life

It's 10 p.m. Friday night.  I just got home about 45 mins ago with a bag of burgers from McD's. . .the kids and I left the house at 6:50 this morning. . .racing (again) to bus duty at 7:10.  Tom had left for work at 5:30 so we were on our own. 

No picture of the day today.  Although I wish I would have had a camera tonight. . .Marie has indoor soccer practice from 5:15-6:30 then Thomas from 6:30-8:30.  It's in the school gym right next door to my school so I usually stay late in my classroom catching up and/or planning for the next week.  Tonight I finished up about 8:30 and wandered over to see if they were done yet.  Tom was playing with Thomas' team (along with some other dads). . .but the cool thing was, Marie and Frederick were playing too!  It was a great crowd. . .so much fun on Friday nights. . .and here's the thing:  Tom told me that at one point they had to switch up the teams because the one team was just killing the other. . .and you know who they switc…


It was a good birthday.  At first we thought we wouldn't all be together until about 8 p.m. that night (Thursday) but then Tom forgot to set the alarm for his morning church group so we ended up doing presents before school.  Yep, they probably were as tired as they all look here.
And one Thomas took of us: The kids had made cards for me and helped to pick out a couple of gifts. . .

(there it goes again. . .turning pictures on me)
And Tom surprised me with a new pair of Born boots!!! They are really great.  And I just *happened* to be wearing an outfit that "fit" them perfectly :)  Later that day, at school, one of my students asked me "what I got for my birthday" and I pulled up my pants leg to show them my boots and the tag was still on -- ha!   The other stunning, most beautiful, thoughtful gift came the day before from my sister and her family: This is a camera phone picture because I wanted to send it to her right away Thursday morning. . .it is a gorgeous sapph…

16 Days (I'm trying)

I'm trying. . .really, I am.  I began this post two Saturdays ago. . .and this is as far as I got. . .my family started getting up and then it was time for this-and-that. . .breakfast, a nap (ha!), Upwards ball, errands, a date compliments of my dad (!!!).  Sunday came and went with church and a lot of schoolwork.  Sigh.  I still think it's worth publishing because it's a good memory. . .a good Picture of the Day.

The kids and I have been back in school for 16 days.  That's 4 complete weeks with two holidays (New Years and MLK Day) and two snow days. It's been a busy time!

My dad is down for the weekend.  It is just after 7 a.m. on Saturday morning.  As soon as Frederick got up he ran out to the car to get his Bible and now they are sitting here reading together.
It's so cute.  Frederick is really intense about his reading. . .he's been saving it up to share with Grandpa Foster.  This bible was a birthday gift in September from Grandpa so that's special …