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A February Week in Review

I started a "picture of the day" idea in January.  I've done well remembering to take pictures. . .but haven't done anything with them since then -- oops.  The idea was to have the kids blog daily with the pics or make monthly picture books. . .neither of which I've started.  Thought today I would just take a shot from each day and journal here. . .as a reminder to me about how blessed we are.

Saturday -
Margaret was the top of the pyramid at the Upward half-time cheer!
Sunday - The weather was so great on Sunday that Thomas wore shorts and sandals to church and later outside to shoot hoops :)
Marie baked these cupcakes for V-Day FROM SCRATCH all by herself!  Awesome!
Monday -   The kids were insistent that they wanted to take Valentine's Day "off" from school this year so they all of their schoolwork on Sunday afternoon.  We went to Wal-Mart and bought stuff to make V-Day treat bags for all the neighbors.  We included some of Marie's cupcakes as wel…

39 things

So another birthday came and went this last week.  Since this is my last last year in my 30's I decided to go in the fashion of other popular bloggers (like Meg, who I first saw list something like this -- this link is a summer list but I'm pretty sure I saw one that she listed on her b'day too) and make a list.  I posted the idea on Facebook a couple of days before my birthday to get some ideas (39 ideas were kind of hard!) and I actually got quite a few!!!  So. . .in the interest of accountability, here are
39 Things to Do Before I'm 40 finish my Master's degree move pray for an send an encouraging note to every family who we received Christmas cards from this year invite friends over at least 6 times for food and games get my body back to 120 pounds set an example for my children by working out with them attend a tennis camp teach someone to play tennis get rid of clothes I have not worn in two years visit our friends at the lake go on a 4-day get-away with Tom somewhere ne…

TTU basketball

We met some friends for the double-header basketball game at our local university Thursday night.  It was "Upward" night and "scholar" night so if you were wearing your Upward uniform or coach's shirt or you had a coupon from school saying you made the A-B honor roll you got in free.  Parents got in for $1.  So for three adults and 7 kids our entertainment for the evening was a grand total of $3 -- ha!
The youngest, our neighbor, was awed by the Awesome Eagle.  First chance he got he ran up to him for a picture.  He followed that Eagle around with his eyes all night long, constantly giving updates as to where he was.  He especially liked it when he was on the floor shooting baskets :)

 The girls won the first game. . .it was a good game. . .they never got too far ahead for it to be "boring" but eventually the win was inevitable.
 One of the kids from our Sunday School class ended up out on the floor doing a little race during one of the breaks. . .very …