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What a GRAD day

This was my Picture of the Day Saturday.  It sums it all up :)

A few months ago my sister was distressed that I didn't have something "big" planned for Thomas's graduation - I have always thought of HS as an expectation and while it should be marked (just like a birthday) I really didn't have anything over-the-top planned.  She wanted to do something but we couldn't travel up there with end-of-year schedules so she said, with her family's hectic schedules and all, that they would come here.

My dad arrived Thursday and then Saturday Thomas, Marie, Tom, and I were going to meet my mom and the VJ's at a state park for a hike -- because my sister and son really like to hike.  My husband, older daughter, older niece, and BIL were going to tag along.  My youngest niece, Susan, and my mom didn't want to hike so I was going to drive with Tom and the kids and bring Mom and Susan home with me.

The meet up didn't go as planned. . .

We arrived at the na…

Mother's Day Weekend 2017

The weekend ends and the week begins with the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!!  I got "last day of school" pictures this morning because they all end on different days. . .I can't believe the year is over!
Funny that Margaret is wearing the same shirt :)  I will miss the days of uniforms next year -- uniforms are such an easy thing to maintain.  Both the girls hair has grown so much!

Saturday we began the day, bright and early, at Cedar Lake Camp!   They had their annual kick-off and 5K race and we were there at 7 a.m. to help set up, etc.  The kids were super-excited to be back at camp (Thomas and Marie leave next Sunday to begin their summer there. . .counselor and junior counselor) and reunite with friends as well as meet new people who might be coming through to check the camp out.

This is one of the most beautiful places and it was a perfect (if a bit chilly) day for the kick-off.
I love the look of delight always present on Thomas's face when he is here, in his element.…