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More Christmas 2014

This was our Christmas "mantle" and stocking/gift center this year. . .tucked in our little office space in our living room -- ha!  Again, we didn't have a tree and I really didn't miss it all that much.  I wouldn't want to go *every* year without one because the ornaments are so special to me but for this year, this was enough.

 These were some of the pictures of Marie's village this year.  She has "inherited" the pieces I have always had and tries to add to it every year.  She takes a lot of time setting it all up and making sure it's turned on every night.  This year it was in three different places in our living room!
This was our living room all lit up at night. . .Tom and Marie built a table to go behind the sofa and it's perfect!  The new pieces she got (library & well from Grandpa Foster and chocolate shop from Grandma Wolf) are on the buffet behind me in this picture).

I took a bunch of pictures of our LR one night and that dro…