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Christmas Eve 2012

We stayed home this year. . .it was *wonderful*!!!!
Miss Margaret kept a countdown going on the board for days.  The tree was full.  It's full of cards from friends and family and full with gifts to and from family too.  Miss Marie and I decided on these. . .they were outstanding!  (A Pinterest find at some point this year) And this big man showed up to share our day!!!  He's a grown-up version of the little boy who used to live across the street and help me prepare food for parties.  Now he's an almost-graduate of culinary school :) Church.  And no, we weren't the only ones there. . .there just wasn't room downstairs for a family of 7!! Dinner after church was beef tenderloin, twice-baked potatoes, mixed veggies, a salad, and bread.  I'm so glad Pavel has not become a "food snob" in his culinary studies. . .the meat was pre-marinated, we used (gasp!) bottled salad dressing and frozen veggies.  It was fun to have a family meal around the table with a…

The past few days

Miss Marie had her last basketball game of the season on Thursday evening.  They easily won. . .her team was pretty good -- or all the other middle school teams in the area were really bad.  I'm not "big" on basketball so I'm not sure which it is/was :)

 There were a few fans in the audience. . .Daddy and GRANDPA FOSTER!!!  Frederick and I were there too. . .but. . .no pictures.
We got out of school on Wednesday so Thursday was our first full day out.  We went to the movies with some neighbors and saw "The Rise of the Guardians" and ate a lot of popcorn!!!  Grandma Wolf gave the kids a refillable popcorn bucket for Christmas and I gave it to them early so we could fill it up :)  It's a great deal. . .we were able to fill the bucket and get two large sodas for $15.50. . .tickets for the 5 of us was $34.50 so it was a dead-even $50 field trip. . .and it was a crummy day outside so it was a perfect way to spend it.

Dukey came to visit too :)

Marie spent a…

Not much to say

I know, I know, that is a *weird* title from me!!!  But, really, there just isn't a whole lot going on. . .

We got the tree up. . .and when I say "we" I really mean the boys and Miss Margaret.  They got it out and started putting it together and then Frederick started stringing lights just the way I like them and, before I knew it, it was d.o.n.e.  What a blessing.  And then, well, the ornaments never made it inside.  So the younger two made a paper chain and I've been putting our Christmas cards on it -- and that's enough.  For this year at least.

It really doesn't look that bare and lonely in real life. . .but the camera isn't catching it at its best either.  I asked for the skirt and topper a couple of nights ago but. . .well. . .I'm still waiting.  Here is one of my favorite "ornaments" on the tree. . .
I can't believe Charlie Brown (the dog) made the cut -- ha!  In the past I've always hung the cards on our door. . .this is a ni…