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Today is Nana's birthday.
She has got to be a saint -- she's been married to this engineer for over 50 years!!!

My kids have the BEST Nana in the entire world.  Hands' down.
They have been fortunate in their lives to have had six grandparents at different times. . .a Nana, a Grandma, a Mammaw, a Papa John, a Grandpa Foster, and a Grandpa Fred.  Our oldest even had a Grammy (my grandmother), my Pa knew two of my children, and Mama Bell knew all four.  But today is about my mother-in-law, the best there is, Nana.
My brother, sister, and I all hit jackpots when it came to in-laws.  Seriously.

This Nana of theirs is just the most terrific human being.

Obviously she was a fantastic mother, to have raised a man like Tom and a daughter whom my kids also adore, Aunt Kathy.

Living several states away from Nana and Grandpa means that time with them is just a little more special.  These were some handoffs in 2010, 2011 & 2014. . .they'd drive half-way and we would drive half-…