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April 2018

How to pick up after being away for so long?!?
I guess I start with yesterday's Picture of the Day :)
The first quarter of 2018 simply got away from me.  I am enjoying every minute of it, not over-tired or stressed. . .just enjoying the busyness of life.  We have so much going on -- my new 30+ hr/week job, tennis, travel soccer, Bible study, college visits. . .and what consumed most of my "home time" was studying for the FINRA Series 6 exam.  It has been a long time since I have had to learn something completely new to me. . .and then take a high-stakes test.  The book, including glossary, was over 400 pages and I'm sure I read/studied each page at least twice.  I never counted how many practice tests I took -- dozens and dozens.  When I passed on Wednesday, this was my Picture of the Day: Those are just notes and things on top of the book. . .the practice tests were all online.  Anyway, yesterday was a bit more exciting than Wednesday -- it's when my company ack…