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P(s)OTD 03.24.13

We began our afternoon with this beautiful girl on the soccer field. . .(I think I see her brother in the ref shirt in the way-background)

Playing hard and coming out with a "W" (11-3 I think)

And then waiting out the rain with her "soccer twin":
But then the weather got worse and everyone packed up and went home. . .
I guess it's to be expected in March. . .


Saturday night -- this is for you, Rene :)

We had some fun Saturday night. . .
After New Years' I found some mixers on sale at Sam's Club and picked them up for our "card nights".
Our favorite bartender brought out all the right tools. . .

We started with "blueberry moon". . .

Moving on to Pomegranate. . .

With the bartender rinsing our classes each time!!!
And properly chilling the glasses. . .

Next up. . .raspberry crush
But we just couldn't get our minds off of the wonderful blueberry we began the evening with. . .so a little googling and this is what our hosts came up with. . .

Yum. . .can we have some more????
 I'll tell ya, first-class service around here :)
Thank you!!!
Delish :)

Yes, the kids were there. . .well-occupied I might add. . .

Do you see Margaret's feet to the left in this picture?  I brought the computers for the kids but it was hard to keep Tom from his e-mail.  He was concerned about the weather and all the games scheduled Sunday -- as soon as we arrived one of his…

POTD 03.23.13

It's all I really got of Frederick today.  I was only at the game about 15 minutes. . .I had to pick up and drop off the girlies in other places. . .and got 5-6 pictures, but none showing his face.  There is only one other U12 team playing with our club this season but it looks like it could be tight. . .this game ended in a 3-3 tie.
Frederick is #1. . .I assure you, on the inside he thinks he's as big physically as these other players :)  He'll keep up just fine with the rest of them!


NOTHING!  I realized too late that I didn't take any pictures today. . .we had school then I did some work after school. . .Tom came by with pizzas and took Frederick to his Y soccer practice. . .we met him later at Thomas & Marie's weekly soccer training. . .Margaret and I went back to school and stayed kind of late -- me doing some research for a grant proposal that our teaching team is applying for through our county and Margaret playing on the computer.  It was a low-key way to begin a busy weekend. 

On tap:
Thomas refs at 9, 10, and 11 a.m.
Marie has training from 10:45-12:30
Frederick has a noon game
Margaret has a Cheer clinic from 1-3
Margaret has a b'day party from 4-6
Thomas has select practice at 4:30
We're hanging out with friends later that evening. . .snacks and cards
Marie has games at 11, 1:15, and 3:45 (Tom has had a leadership role in setting up all these teams coming in)
Thomas is reffing games from 12:30-5 p.m.
Church for the rest…

POTD 3.21.13

It was a *COLD* night for soccer!  I don't know how Thomas did it without any Under Armour on. . .it was below 40 degrees.  This was one of my favorite pictures of the night. 

I was the only person who could go to the game. . .it was about 40 minutes out-of-town and the other three all had Thursday night things going on here at home.  Thomas's school team ended up winning 3-0 against a team that had not yet been scored on this season!  His corner kick below contributed to one of the goals :)
The video begins with a corner and ends with Thomas racing down the field. . .

Life as we know it, Spring 2013

This has been and will continue to be a busy, busy week.  Between my middle school tennis schedule, Thomas's middle school soccer team practices and games as well as his weekend reffing schedule, Tom and Marie's  travel team practices and weekend games (and keeping up with those schedules), Margaret's All-Star Cheer practices and middle school play practices, and Frederick's 3 (yes, three) soccer teams. . .we are having to stay uber-organized to get everywhere on time and in one piece!!!  Here are some pics of life:

A random practice day in February. . .we use our community courts a few miles away from school.  I think we've had more practices inside, in the school hallways, then out on these courts this year!

Thomas was one of his team's captains for the first game of his season.  He did a really good job -- he was apprehensive about the role but ended up being the leader I know he can be out there with his teammates.

And here is his sister, with her captain&#…

POTD 03.20.13

This is all I got. . .in the Kroger parking lot between tennis practice (in the hallways at school), dinner, and church.  We met quickly for pizza and to run into the store for a few items. . .it started spitting snow. . .couldn't believe it!!!

POTD 3.19.13

My life.  I love it.  Most days.

POTD 03.18.13

Marie was determined to get these in the mail this morning, before school, for her Aunt Kathy's birthday on Wednesday.  These are her "perfected" Laura's cookies.  Hope you enjoy them Aunt Kathy!!!

POTD 03.17.13

Back to school tomorrow. . .

Soccer Saturdays have returned!

This is right before arriving at our destination, about 1.5 hrs away, for Marie's double-header soccer friendly.  Although she played last weekend, I wasn't here to see it so these are my first pictures of her this season :)

I got very few shots of her with the ball since she mostly played D. . .but when she did have the ball she didn't let anyone take it from her :)

Taking a rare break on the bench. . .looks like Coach Jake has something to discuss with one of his two team captains.

But when she did kick she had perfect form and sailed that ball right past mid-field.  I *love* watching this girl play :)

Her team tied the first game 1-1 and won the second, 2-1.  Next weekend it will be Soccer Sunday -- yea!

POTD 03.16.13

After soccer on Saturday we stopped for a treat at Starbucks.  Margaret had asked me to French braid her hair earlier that day and had just taken it down.  She really likes her "kinky" hair (and her hot chocolate)!  And would you look at that sun she got on her face out at the fields :)

POTD 03.15.13

Having fun taking pictures of the kids playing together outside.  I'm trying to get papers graded and ready for school on Monday but keep getting distracted. . .ha!  This is truly spring weather -- yea :)