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Not one of my better ideas

I had some students *beg* to come in and paint my classroom.  They've been asking for months now and here we are at the end of Fall Break and I thought. . .sure, why not?  *I* certainly didn't want to paint my classroom. . .it was boring the way it was, sure. . .
But it was clean and organized and put together. 
This is a panoramic picture I took before leaving yesterday:
The ceiling needs to be trimmed.  It looks like there are two different colors going on because there are. . .the painted wasn't mixed too well.  And then all the furniture that needs to be put back, things back on the walls. . .sigh.  And no, I'm not painting the front wall, for now.  It looks even dirtier and more plain now though.  Next time I'll do it on my own, for sure.
Truly, it looks better in person then it down in these pictures. . .this one was taken at the end of the day. . .I can see Margaret laying on my rug out in the hallway. . .she was beat.

I do like the color:
(Yes, I painted th…

Fall Break

Today was Day 1 (or Day 3 if weekends count) of our county's Fall Break.  I love our schedule. . .going back in July is *just fine* with me in order to get these first two weeks of October off!  I think we were all ready for a break and then when we get back time will FLY since the holidays will be upon us :)

Where to start?  Do I go back a month and catch up or just jump in where we are at?  Here is a picture of our "Fall Break" list that has been posted on the board for about a month:

Every time in the last month when the kids have asked "can we do this-or-that?" I have told them to put it on the list -- ha!  We've already completed 2 items and painting my classroom is on the calendar. . .lots of my students have said that they will be showing up for that :)

Today was a rainy, yucky day.  The kids slept in (yea!) and were watching Clifford the Big Red Dog at 8 a.m.  Am I raising toddlers or teenagers???  Kinda brought back sweet memories of days gone by. .…