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April Weekend

Going through and finding 30 (well, realistically probably 28) pictures of the day for April would take a long time.  And seeing as I am already half-way into May it's probably better just to hop right over the month and begin a new one.  But here is just a *sample* of April. . .

The following are all pictures from ONE crazy weekend. . .beginning with Thomas being on the soccer field at early o'clock to ref a couple of soccer games Saturday morning. . .(I think Tom and Marie had left the house two hours before for an out-of-town tournament)

one being his brother's :)

And then lunch afterwards. . .along with a text letting us know how Marie was doing at her tournament. . 

Off to Soccer Training. . .

 (in the meantime I had to drop Margaret off with a fellow Power Team Mom so she could go to Nashville to compete in her final competition of the season. . .)

And then U14 select practice for Thomas. . .
The boys and I then got in the car and drove ~50 miles west to catch up w…

For Mrs. Howell

One of Marie's teachers wanted to see this. . .can't figure out how to share it any other way!

P.O.T.D. 03.31.13


P.O.T.D. 03.30.13

There is never enough time when we are in Dayton to see everyone and catch up. . .luckily this time Jenn and Mom were able to meet for brunch at Mimi's on Saturday.  The girls came too :)  I love my family and my friends that, in my heart, are family.
And for once, I wasn't the only one in a winter coat in March. . .