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My mom, sister, brother, and I met in Nashville for my mother's 64th birthday a few weeks ago -- it was her Christmas gift from us!
My mom and sis flew in in style!!!  We have a good friend who is a pilot and after my sister thought about a 6-hr trip one way, with possible Friday traffic, a 1.5 hop in a 4-seater sounded SOOOOOOO much better!!  Our mother is not a "flyer" so it was so happy to get a smiling picture of them before take-off :)

My brother flew in from Florida -- but he took the commercial route (Jodi's and my Christmas gift to him) ;)

First stop:  Franklin Tennessee and Puckett's Grocery

Years ago, a blogger that's in my sidebar, Alison Stephens, posted about their trip to Nashville and going to Puckett's as a family.  I have wanted to go ever since!!!

 Or maybe it was a birthday drink ;)

 Jodi and I shared the very best breakfast --Texas Two Step
"A cornbread waffle and slow-smoked brisket hash with peppers and onions, served with a side…