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I miss blogging SO MUCH

I miss blogging SO MUCH.  It is so very time-consuming and I just don't take that time.  I don't have the time?  I don't know if that's fair. . .I'm pretty caught up (for the first time in months) on reading my favorite blogs (listed in the sidebar) and have been fairly good at keeping up with Facebook.  But blogging requires me to sit down and intentionally put words to pictures -- not like my FB Picture of the Day where I upload a picture and add a few words. . .that's easy.  What I *love* is taking pictures with a story in mind.  What I don't do (or take the time to do) is actually add those words to my pictures to create the stories that serve as memories for us.

Somehow, tonight, I ran across this old post and it just tears me up that I don't have a consistent journal of the last 1-2 years of our lives.  It's the "little" things I forget about. . .or don't see when they are happening but a picture captures it for me.

Anyway, Marga…