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The Greatest Job

Last night I had some time to go through some old posts I had written (almost 2 years ago!) and I was just so full with the blessings our family has been given.  When I first started this blog I spent some time documenting where I was in my Season of Motherhood.  I stumbled upon those posts and wondered to myself. . .am I thankful enough, do I encourage my children enough, love them enough?  Do they know how precious they are to us?  To God?
First I read Thomas's post (you can click on the colored letters and it will take you directly to that link then hit the "back" button if you want to get back to this post. . .these directions are mainly for my mother who is still new at using her computer).
I led that post with one of my all-time favorite pictures:
Here is a recent picture of him:
I'm glad his hair is shorter.  I love his blue, blue eyes (which you can't see in that picture).  He has a beautiful smile.  He's as tall as me (gulp!).  He is in 7th grade and hi…

Soccer and Playing for the Perfect Set

It's late Wednesday night and I'm just getting around to updating from the weekend. . .such is life these days :)  We had a full weekend with perfect, beautiful weather.  The unfortunate part was that we were split up most of the weekend due to sports stuff. . .soccer and tennis.  We'll take it while we can get it. . .as much as most people just *love* fall, I don't so much because of the season that follows:  winter.  Yuck.  So, I am enjoying every minute of it while it is still warm and sun-shine-y outside!!!

Thomas and I left the house at 5 a.m. Saturday morning to make a 7:45 a.m. first game in a soccer tournament about two hours away.  It was a very foggy drive and I really don't know if I would have made it without my GPS system (a gift from my sister this summer).  I love that GPS. . .there is no way I could have read all the signs and kept track of where I was Saturday morning without it.  This is what the fields looked like when we arrived at 7 a.m.: