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What's Up Wednesday - 7.26.16

Since I've had a rough time keeping up this blog the past few months (years?) this link-up was perfectly timed today.  Things have been going on at lightening speed here in the Bell home so I thought an hour to sit down and reflect a bit might be a good thing :)

The ladies that host this are so fun to keep up with -- head on over to their blogs to see what's up with them too!
Shaffer Told Me To, The Larson Lingo, and Mix & Match Mama (find her in my sidebar!)

These are the questions this time around:

What we are eating this week:
We had a family meeting on Sunday and each of us had to outline our goals for the next two months.  Mine was that I would provide three meals a week for my family.  We had previously decided that we really only need three original dinners during the week because of schedules and leftovers.  With going back to work and everything that goes along with that, others will have to chip in and help out with ideas, shopping, prepping, etc.  So far this week…

Life Lately - July 2016

Our summer lives pretty much revolve around this place - Cedar Lake Camp.  I took this in the quiet early morning hours a couple of weeks ago.  My children LOVE this place.  My husband and I are grateful for the family they have built there.  The Holy Spirit lives and abides in this place.  It is an incredible camp led by people who serve the Lord with their lives and discipleship of campers and counselors.
This was Week 5 -- the last week of the summer (the county that borders this camp only has 1 WEEK of summer break left!).  This was Margaret and Frederick's week :)  All four Bell children were supposed to be there this week but Marie ended up with high school soccer that she couldn't miss so only three were there.

The biggest bummer for me is that I didn't get a camp picture of Thomas this year.  Every time I saw him at camp it wasn't near the entrance.  Tom did, however, snap this shot of him at canoe camp (when CLC takes older campers and counselors off-site for …