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P.O.T.D. 3.29.13

This one just doesn't need a caption.

We went to OH for Easter weekend. . .we finished up practices and games on Thursday night and left early Friday morning.  When we arrived in Nana & Grandpa's neighborhood Nana was out walking the dog.  Three of the kids jumped out to join her.  Two took the dog and ran ahead.  Look who was coming up the sidewalk as we parked and were unpacking. . .

POTD 3.28.13 #2

I just realized that I already posted a picture of the day for the 28th.  Oh well, here's another one :) Time to get our Sonic treats for good grades and good attendance :)
Frederick and Thomas waiting on their orders.  The girls had good grades and good attendance too but were at their soccer and all-star practices. . .the boys both got the kids' meal and one other item -- it still cost me $10 for those good grades :)

POTD 3.28.13

Today was supposed to be our first tennis match, against a team across town.  But they canceled kind of at the last minute because they "weren't ready".  Our kids were so disappointed so we put together a round-robin tournament for them.
This is my co-coach who I could not run the season without.  Her daughter is on the team and in 7th grade so thankfully I'll have help again next year :)

The players had a good time (only 12 of the 14 could come and we only had access to 3 courts so it all worked out) and we did end up with a winner, an 8th grader.  She won a gift certificate to Wal-mart. . .couldn't really come up with anything else.  The point was to get out, have some fun, and wear the new uniforms!

POTD 3.27.13

Back to school. . .

I began a big project with the kiddos before Spring Break.  We are studying our state standard, "Understanding the Patterns of Human Settlement" and I added "in the United States" because our book has a little 4-5 page section on it. . .I feel that in order to understand patterns of settlement (I teach culture and geography) that the students first need to understand how OUR country was founded and settled -- both culturally and geographically.  But it's a lot of work -- I think I ended up with 15 different "sections" within the section.  So I assigned each student a section to research and teach :)

We had the computer cart for about a week before Spring Break and they researched their topic.  They were then supposed to come up with a visual aid (including certain information across the board) and a 10-point worksheet for their classmates to complete on their topic.  These are some of the worksheets already turned in that I have co…

POTD 3.26.13

Snow Day again!!! 

No, I'm not kidding.  We woke up to a dusting which, for us here in the middle of TN, equals "dangerous road conditions" -- ha!  Thomas was out there mowing the lawn by late afternoon :)

Don't we have the worst lawn ever?  Seven years here and lots of work. . .and this is all we have. . .even Lawn Guru Fred can't fix it.

POTD 3.25.13

Snow day!!!  Yep, on March 25th.  Very much of a surprise. . .we only ventured out to meet Tom for lunch at Chick-fil-A.  Kinda felt like homeschooling again :)

Photo memories

It's 4 a.m. on a Sunday morning.  I'm supposed to be doing school work.  It's state testing week and I really need to catch up with my grades. . .but. . .somehow I got sucked into going through pictures on my laptop.  Pictures on this device are really random because it's not my "main" computer but I do download pictures here once in awhile. . .they go back seven years or so!
This is the oldest picture I have on this computer.  We were really behind the curve getting a digital camera so it's probably one of my first digital picture too.  "Aunt" Jenniey is in the middle.  My girls are on the end.  In the middle are two little girls adopted from somewhere in South America (I can't remember).  Hope and Katie.  They are my former stepmother's nieces.  Their mother died a couple of years ago.  I wonder how they are doing? 

I love taking pictures and capturing random moments.  I think other people get sick of it, but to me these memories are …

Two weeks

I have been with intermittent internet service for 2 weeks -- that's been a killer!  I have kept up with my picture of the day and will need to find time to catch up.