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A Day in the Life. . .September 2018

Recently several bloggers that I like keeping up with did a "Day in the Life" series here.  I really enjoy these and revisited this one of mine from 2015. . .it's amazing where we were and where we are.  How much changes and how much stays the same. . .

I was trying to wait for a "normal" day and then finally realized, there are no "normal" days. . .not in this season anyway.  Originally I was going to try for Monday but forgot until about 8 a.m. so figured Tuesday would work just as well.  Of course that is the day that I woke at 4 a.m., couldn't go back to sleep and finally gave it up and started my day at 4:32.
And walked downstairs to this:

No one in the family seems to have the energy at night to do much more than put leftover food away. . .usually the dishwasher gets run too.  I really don't mind because I'm one of those annoying-all-the-energy-in-the-world morning people.
I spent the next two hours cleaning the kitchen (deep cleaning…

Adios Summer 2018

This has been a good one!  It seemed really, really fast and was definitely different from past summers (I have never worked during the summer where I wasn't taking the kids with me) but still a good one.  There was nothing "special" about it, but then again, sometimes those are the ones that are best remembered -- the "everyday" and to say, "it was good".
 Our summers ALWAYS start with this little miss's birthday.  She was born the day after Memorial Day and #4 was born the day after Labor Day.

She had some friends over and we made desserts and opened gifts.

She wanted to go to Ohio over the holiday weekend to celebrate so that's what we did :)  This is us with her at Nana & Grandpa's. . .

And with her amazing grandparents. . .

And these two made my night with their silly filters and their 14-year love of one another (Grandma Wolf & Grandpa Foster's oldest and youngest) We got her "chair picture" (each kid has one for…