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Saturday 10 a.m.

While Frederick was on one side of the Y building playing U10 soccer, Marie began her first U12 game of the season on her old team, the Watermelon Warriors.
When she was on the field, her coach used her as their main kicker :)  Here is one of her goal kicks:
And a corner kick. . . She missed a penalty kick and that kind of bummed her out but she is really doing great!  I love this pretty girl.   We ended up leaving a bit early because she had a 12:00 lacrosse game a few miles away and she wanted to play in that too.  The Watermelon Warriors didn't do too well last season but they all came back together this season and I know they are stronger and better. . .maybe next time they'll take home a "W" :) Thank you, Coach Nick, for your dedication to these girls!!!

Saturday 9:30 a.m.

"The" Season has begun.
Soccer season.  Today was the first day of YMCA games.  Tom & Thomas are coaching Frederick's team again.
A nice goal kick from Frederick  Frederick is out there, trying to do his best to play, coach, and referee all at the same time.  No lie.  Tom and Thomas have a lot of returning players on their U10 team here but it's been a long break and they've only had two practices so this will not be the shut-out season that last year was. These are two awesome coaches.  When you start with a loss you can only move up the ladder! Frederick just hopes he doesn't spend too much time as goalie this season.

Spring Break 2012 Staycation

We finally did it.  We had a real, true, "staycation" and I would definitely do it again!

Tom got off work at noon on Tuesday and we dropped the kids off at Cedar Lake Camp about 2:30. 
Margaret's good friend Faith was attending for the first time:
And this was a good picture of Tom and Marie in her room (the girls were in the same "cabin" again. . .they were hoping to be separated but the camp was so full they ended up this way).
 The boys, of course, ran right off as soon as they got their cabin assignments and it was all I could do to get a super-quick side hug from them when I ran them down.  This is the cabin Thomas was staying in:
And Frederick was in the "bird cage" with the girls. . .this building is broken up into four smaller "cabins". . .I think the girls were in Purple Martin and Frederick in Red Robin.  Faith was in Blue Jay.
The girls were in the far end on the second level.  Here is a shot looking from the top railing out. . .

Spring Break 2012. . .one week in. . .

We have been enjoying a very relaxing Spring Break this year :)
Right now Nana & Grandpa Fred are down visiting.  This picture was taken at the park today -- it was a gorgeous day to be outside!
Thomas was showing off his back handsprings. . .
He also showed off a few handstands. . .

Margaret was catching some sun (and got some. . .she came home with pink shoulders!)

Marie was out practicing some ball handling skills. . .  . . .while Grandpa and Frederick had a hot game of cards going on :) The kids with Daddy (and Grandpa Fred!) eventually moved out onto the field to play a little soccer. . .

And then, for the boys, the basketball court was calling. . . As soon as Tom & Thomas started playing a couple of other boys asked to join in with them so they had a rousing game of 2 on 2 going (that shot Thomas was throwing there ended up being a swish - ha!)  A student from school walked up to say "hello" and ended up joining the fun, allowing Frederick a spot on the court too.
So th…