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This is Marla.  The girl, not the dog :)

We had the extraordinary privilege of having her stay with us over Fall Break last month.  She lives in Germany and is here as an exchange student for the year at the girls' school.

The girls all play soccer together and their district tournament began the Monday of FALL BREAK.  Why?!?  We had plans -- Kiawah Island! -- and so did Marla's host family (they were heading to Hilton Head).  Well. . .since the team is small (15 players maybe?) and Marie was one of the captains this year we HAD to stay behind to play. . .Marla got to stay with us!!

This picture is right before their first (and only) game of the tournament -- Marie, Marla, & Margaret.

The plan was to stick around for the weekend, play soccer Monday (we didn't figure we would move on) and then head out on Tuesday and still enjoy half a week at the beach.  Then Hurricane Matthew hit up the east coast and Kiawah Island evacuated.  So. . .we have a week off and an exchan…