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Thanksgiving 2017 - we played cards a lot!

Eight Bell cousins all together Thanksgiving Day 2017.  What a special occasion that is!!  No one indulged me with "let's do the parents" and now "grandparents and kids" and then "all girls" or anything like that. . .oh well.  We did get a good one of the six of us though :)
There were two cameras (these are from my iPhone) and no one ever knew which one to look at.  Oh well.
This was the entire family -- 17 of us this year:
Obviously most were looking at the other camera in this one -- hope to get some of those shots eventually.  Not only did Debbie and Patrick host this group of 17, but also included our neighbors (Barbara & Tommy) and also a friend of Debbie's from church, Jason.

It was a gorgeous day and endless food (as usual).  Here is just a sampling of choices that we had:

I brought our "usual" -- appetizers and some desserts:

The desserts are always a group effort -- Nancy did the apple pie, Barbara contributed the pumpkin …


Thursday we will will celebrate our 20th Thanksgiving as parents.  Wow!  We have so much to be grateful and thankful for. . .Thanksgiving as always been my absolute favorite holiday.  Family, food, and thankfulness -- is there any better day of the year?!?
Thankful to be an American -- thankful for these two. . .the one on the right who made me a mother, the one on the left who made this incredible gift for his brother's birthday.

Thankful that even at 8:30 on a Friday night after a long week of school and then a drive home he can still eek out a smile with me.

Thankful for FaceTime at 10 p.m. on a Friday night. . .that we can be 300 miles away from Nana and Grandpa and Thomas can open his gift from them "live". . .

Thomas had a great birthday this year -- his sisters went to pick him up Friday after school and then Saturday everyone but me went to see Thor (said it was the best) and then home for a big dinner with our Framily, the Maxwells.

Thankful for friends, family,…