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Last Week

 FYI - I started this post MONDAY -- ha!  Just haven't been home much this week. . .what a surprise :) Better late then never, right?  This is all from last week. . .and I truly didn't realize we did so much until I started this post. . . Frederick and his best friend, Scott, headed off to day camp.  Again.  It's the same place my other three will be going for overnight camp in a couple of weeks. . .they offer a "day" version for those that are not old enough to stay overnight (or, I guess, who don't want to stay overnight).  It was a full, full week for them!!  They were dropped off a little after 7:30 each morning (by me) and picked up 4:30-ish by Scott's mom each day.  I think they kept them going & going at camp. . .caving, swimming, archery, bb shooting, games, songs, Bible, etc.

Monday morning Nana & Grandpa Fred left after their Father's Day visit and Tuesday Grandpa Foster came down to spend some time with us :)

In addition to Cedar Lake…

Father's Day 2011

Hmmmm. . .Father's Day isn't all what Tom was hoping for. . .but who can control the weather???

Tom had requested carrot cake cupcakes (we've found a great gluten-free mix!) so the girls put those together for him. . .

And the final product:
O.K., not the best picture of Marie ever taken, but the cupcakes were good :)
We were hoping to spend the weekend on the lake.  We even met Tom's cousin halfway (they live almost two hours away) on Friday night to get her son, Patrick, to go with us.  We woke up to storms on Saturday morning and they continued until the afternoon :(

So. . .the older three kids, Nana, and Tom went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides It has a PG-13 rating so Grandpa Fred, the younger two and I did this:

We had a pretty good time. . .here are the scores from the first game:
Look at that. . .Grandpa Fred the big winner. . .and Frederick and Margaret tied for last place.  I made the first strike of the game (?!?) in the last frame so I pulled …