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Progress and Compromise

Marie and I were busy yesterday!  We (mostly she) primed until we ran out of primer.
And I couldn't even bribe the kids with Sonic drinks to get them to go into town with me get more.   Sigh.  We'll finish up today.
 I sent Tom pictures of my "planning":

 I taped out the height and width that I thought the top board and battens should be and came up with a 14" spacing between the battens and around the corners. 

Then I decided to roughly paint in my thoughts. . .
I don't see how all these blogs and videos just "put it up" without trial runs. . .too many years of living with an engineer myself I guess.  Anyhow. . .spent some time figuring out measurements but didn't go to the trouble of getting levels out or anything. . .

At this point we closed up shop in the dining room (isn't Margaret's chair looking great?!?) and I headed out to the garage to stew over the table some more.

It's ready to go. . .I'm just not.  I'm nervous.…

Mid-way through the week. . .mid-way through summer

Frederick (on left) and his best friend Scott (on right) with Scott's little brother, Bean (in the middle), have been attending soccer camp every morning this week.  They go from 9-12. . .the first day it was a little much for Bean. . .he was sick and head-achy afterwards but Tuesday morning ready to be up-and-at-em again!  Each year our families talk about letting Frederick and Scott play in the same league but then every year we return the Y and they to their city league. . .at least they get to play in this camp together this summer.  Since we are neighbors it has worked out that one of us drops off and the other picks up.  Even with that, I have put 200+ miles on my vehicle in the last two days!

Yesterday and today I dropped the boys at camp about 8:30 and then took Margaret to her cheer/choreography camp. 
 It is only three days this week but it's a long day -- from 9 until 3.  I got to watch some of it on Monday and hope to run up there a little bit today too and see how…

A Quick Week In Review

I don't have a lot of pictures to share this week because my camera went missing mid-week (it was found again!) but for the 2 days it was gone I was amazed at how many times I wanted it and didn't have access to it. . .wow.  I was kinda lost.  At least I have my phone, but I certainly don't take as many pics on that.  My sister did send me a great picture of my niece, AVJ, when she dropped her off at the University of Michigan's swim camp last Sunday:
She is a champion swimmer and was really looking forward to the difficulty level at this camp.  I haven't heard from them since she got home but knowing AVJ, she took advantage of the superior coaches there and spent a great amount of time absorbing what they had to say and working on her times. 

Last weekend we made a quick trip to OH for Amanda's graduation.  Besides Tom and me, these were the other people there to celebrate her culinary arts degree from SCCC with her:
I have known Amanda since just after she w…


Yesterday Thomas cleared out the dining room for me and Marie took down all the light switches.  Wouldn't a window look great here??
Yea, I think so too. . .
I just have to get the guy who can do it to agree with me :)

I started covering Margaret's chair. . .Grandpa Fred made a new seat for it last weekend. . .but 6 staples in the gun stopped working (again -- I started this project last night)
So. . .yet. . .another 20-minute project is going to turn in to a many-day project.  Margaret did a great job with her chair, though, and I'll share as soon as it's done!

Another decision to be made:
 Tom's getting nervous that I'm really going to do this!!!  I like the higher board and batten myself. 

I've realized that (almost) all my inspiration pictures are blue (pictures here and here). . .but I think I want grey. . .need to pick up some samples and start thinking about that.  I'm pretty sure I can get this room primed today.
It's almost 8 a.m. -- time t…