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Today was Margaret's 9th birthday.  Wow, how time flies!  We now have a 7, 9, 10, and a 12 yr old.  WOW.

Margaret is our "different" one.  Special.  She is not like the rest.  She is girlie.  We call her our "cat" because she likes to climb all over us and cuddle.  She is a princess.  She can get almost anyone to do anything for her, whether they like her or not.  She has beautiful brown eyes and blond hair.  She has a sense of style that must be in-born and not something learned. . .she can make anything look good.  She loves to craft and make people things.  She has the most annoying high-pitched scream.  She likes to separate herself from others. . .a few years ago I realized that I rarely have pictures with her in a group.  She doesn't like her picture taken with others unless she's "in the mood".  She is smart and pretty and energetic.  She is our night owl.  She's very athletic but doesn't stick with any one thing very long. . .…

School is OUT!!!!!!!!

I just took this picture 15 minutes ago -- yea, we're done for the year!!!  I didn't notice until I downloaded the picture that Frederick is not looking at the camera but oh well. . .so happy to have this picture of the 4 of them.  They did really, really well this year.  Those are their grade reports that they are holding up :)

This was their first day of school in August. . .I know Thomas is much, much taller now!!  And Marie sure has changed a lot too. . .the younger two are still wearing those same clothes so they must not have had such a growth spurt.

It's been an interesting year.  They started their 5th year at the same country school that three of them started kindergarten in.  We fully expected an exciting, fun year there for them. . .this was a county-wide PE Extravaganza that two of the kids participated in. . .(our school was in yellow)
 Margaret performed with the third grade

 . . .and Marie with the fourth grade.  There really was no rhyme or reason for who par…

Quick tip

For my family (or anyone else reading who doesn't know):
Since I generally don't post big, big pictures in my posts, you can double-click on any picture anytime and a larger version of the picture will present itself.  Just an FYI.

~ Jenni

Schoolwork, soccer, and the YMCA

This is for all family members who wonder what we've been up to. . .

We have exactly a week of school left.  Of course, since our kids are currently in a satellite program, they can finish up any time.  Frederick swears that he will be finished with *everything* tomorrow and test out on all four subjects.  I hope he can :)
A lot of days we stay after my shift at the Y (I work in YPlay and we close between the hours of 12-3 daily) and just do our schoolwork there.  The kids can spread out and work where they want.  On this particular day it looks like Frederick chose to lay across the train table :)
Today Thomas had the entire table to himself :)
A couple weeks ago I snapped this picture of Margaret. . .that is NOT a real baby but she did have a doll in and the swing going as she worked on her math in the glider rocker.  She will be a good momma :)

And just so Marie isn't left out. . .although this isn't at the Y. . .it was the day she bought her new sunglasses!
I am pretty hap…