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Checking In - mid-July 2015

So much is going on, yet this is one of the *most* relaxing summers we have ever had.
Maybe I feel like it's been relaxing because Thomas hasn't been home (at the apartment) all summer and there is usually another one gone too.  Both Thomas and Marie spent 4 weeks serving at Cedar Lake Camp - Thomas as a Jr. Counselor and Marie as a CIT (Counselor-in-training).  Marie went the first four weeks (it's a 5-wk long season at CLC) and Thomas the last 4 weeks.  I was finally able to get them together last weekend to get their annual picture.  We picked up Margaret yesterday and she was not nearly as happy to get her annual picture (she was a camper last week).
Ugh.  It was a great day, though, because we all ate lunch together -- all 6 of us!!  Frederick had gone to a place in Cookeville a couple of times with a friend and convinced us to try it -- it was definitely worth it, and we'll go back since it's convenient to our trip coming home.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, …

July 2015 - Life

This post brought to you from here :)

It has been a *beautiful* day to sit in the sun. . .read. . .enjoy watching some of the people who have come by. . .a little nap. . .now no one is here except me and someone else a couple of chairs down on my right on his laptop.  Tom came down for a little bit after work but then headed back up to the apartment to watch M*A*S*H with Margaret.  It has been "their" thing these weeks that the others have been out of town.

Frederick is here:
I am sure he is having a great time.  Both of his older siblings are there with him this week. . .Thomas is helping out with grounds work and such since they were low on workers (14-15 yr olds, also known as CIT's -- Counselors-in-Training), and, of course, Marie has been there all summer as a CIT.  This is her last week, to her dismay (there is one more week left this summer). . .she has soccer conditioning for the high school next week in preparation of camp the following week.  I CAN'T BELIE…