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Dollywood, Dale Hollow Lake, and eleven houseguests

Yep, that title is a wrap-up of my weekend!!!  Absolutely "my" kind of time. . .what a way to spend a summer weekend. . .especially when I am the hostess and don't have to pack anyone up or take any meals on the run!

First off, no pictures.  I had TONS (of course) but my camera fell to the bottom of the lake last night.  Memories are going to have to be enough this time.  It was terribly upsetting to me. . .one of my friends was handing it from the dock to my husband who was on the boat and it slipped.  It was gone that fast.  That was an extremely hard loss for me.  In rank of importance, God is first and foremost, than my family, my photos, etc.  I think the only thing that is more important to me than my camera/pictures would be my computer.  Sigh.  Accidents happen.  At the time my youngest had his life jacket off for some reason and I was helping him zip it back up and truthfully, that was the Holy Spirit's way of saying to me "a person did not just fall to…

Weekend Wrap-Up

Another July weekend has come to a close. . .or almost.  The kids and Tom are watching a 1979 movie, The Love Bug, and I am hearing lots of laughs from upstairs.  So good that they like these old classics.  We don't have television service but I do have a subscription to Blockbuster -- plenty of movies to choose from all the time :)

We were supposed to have friends in from out-of-town this weekend but Thursday night something came up and they canceled.  It would surprise no one that we filled the weekend up anyway!  Friday night I attempted this creation:

Mine did NOT turn out like Meg's.
The layers started out pretty good. . . .

But once all six were stacked on one another I had about 60 seconds before they all fell over.  And please remember, Meg is a professional photographer.  The colors in my cake really were as rich as hers.  I served our guests (neighbors who came down for an impromptu dinner) dessert like this:

Hey, everyone said it tasted good and I was over-impressed…

Company Girl Coffee 7.16

It wasn't until I wrote the title to this post that I even realized that it was the 16th of July!!!  Wow, the summer is FLYING by. . .and not that I'm a coffee drinker, but it's too hot to even TYPE that word. . .lemonade maybe?

Obviously I've been playing a little tennis. . .my husband brought the camera out to the court last night.  My friend, Heidi, and I played in our first doubles tournament ever together.

We didn't do as well as we expected but the second set was a great fight.  We did lose, but in a 12-14 tie-breaker.  We analyzed a lot afterward. . .too bad we don't have another chance to play together again soon -- we could correct a few mistakes.  Oh well, it was fun all the same.  My hip did surprisingly well!  We both play singles on Saturday and we both play against friends of ours.  The person I'm playing against is a good match, the person she is playing fought in a tough, tough match herself last night. . .wish we weren't playing at the s…

Wordless Wednesday


Gone to camp

He's gone. 

For a week.  I dropped him off yesterday afternoon.

One day down, four full days to go.
 These are a couple of his cabin mates. . .

 One is a soccer friend (and never been to CLC!) and the other is a swimming friend.  They will all be great friends by the end of the week!  They were good sports about letting me take pictures. . .then they waved us off. . .never looking back. . .glad I have this good zoom on my new camera :)

 No air conditioning, no electronics, no phone calls/texts home, walking to the outhouse, eating together, doing Bible together in cabins, polar bear in the mornings, bonfires at night. . .memories you will carry with you always.

 Thomas, we love you and will miss you but we are so glad that you have this opportunity every year to go back (this is your 4th consecutive summer) and learn and grow in Christ on your own.  We are praying for you, your friends, counselor and staff that commit to this time with all of you.  Have a BLAST!!!!

For Mel

I met my great friend, Mel, at the pool yesterday.  She said, "what's up with your blog?"  Me:  "I don't know. . .just don't have a lot of time.  Pictures take forever to download.  I posted last week!"  Truly, I love to write and journal, but ever since our computer got hit by lightening several months ago it has been slow and annoying.  August 6th weekend is our tax-free back-to-school shopping time so we'll wait to shop for another until then.  This computer, we've decided, is at least six years old. Last year, we bought a computer (for my school) the week after tax-free weekend.  Ugh.  So, Mel, this post is for you :)

Meg posted this yesterday.

I saw it today and made me feel better.  I took a couple shots of my own. . .

Today one of my friends dropped off her kids before work because she had a dr.'s appt and I explained this mess by saying "we just got home and dumped everything".  I forgot to mention we got home 2 DAYS ago.  An…

Could I have imagined?

I I'm trying to imagine 15 years ago tonight. . .could I have imagined this?

Absolutely not.  Impossible.
What would I have thought if someone had told me I'd love him not as much, but MORE?
I wouldn't have known that was possible since at 23 he was the only person I had ever been in love with.  And still is. What about these four blessings?  Could you imagine, on your wedding day, getting a look into the future like this?    I wonder what my reaction would have been? I'm so glad our kids are old enough (and yet young enough) to capture these fun pictures.
Because I still, after 20+ years, really LOVE kissing this man!!! Tom challenges me to be a better person.  I'm grateful to God every day for the gift of this marriage.  For the gift of our family.  And for the gift of His Son.
My prayer is that my love for you and our love for Our Lord will continue to grow as the years go by.  We are imperfectly perfect in our lives and in our marriage, all through His Grace.  May He b…