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For Mel

I met my great friend, Mel, at the pool yesterday.  She said, "what's up with your blog?"  Me:  "I don't know. . .just don't have a lot of time.  Pictures take forever to download.  I posted last week!"  Truly, I love to write and journal, but ever since our computer got hit by lightening several months ago it has been slow and annoying.  August 6th weekend is our tax-free back-to-school shopping time so we'll wait to shop for another until then.  This computer, we've decided, is at least six years old. Last year, we bought a computer (for my school) the week after tax-free weekend.  Ugh.  So, Mel, this post is for you :)

Meg posted this yesterday.

I saw it today and made me feel better.  I took a couple shots of my own. . .

Today one of my friends dropped off her kids before work because she had a dr.'s appt and I explained this mess by saying "we just got home and dumped everything".  I forgot to mention we got home 2 DAYS ago.  And with 2 less kids.  Sigh.  Here's another shot just so you know it's not confined to the kitchen.  This would take 5 minutes to pick up.  Nothing in here mine to pick up.  I share a house with 5 other people.  I am blessed.  So I will do it.  If I still have time after posting this :)
Reading through Meg's comments made me realize that we're not alone.  I HATE it when it looks like this.  And yet I sit here and browse, "visit", and play.  And I've been texting Tom about a dinner date we are planning tonight :)  Two kids are out of town staying with their grandparents and the other two are on a mission project with our church this afternoon/evening.  Yea!

Mel, other things I've been up to:

Thinking of making these:
Here is the link.
I made and cut up the brownies yesterday.
But Tom informed me Sunday that he's "off" sugar.
Sooooooo. . . . . .
Currently the brownies are in the freezer.

I've been checking out and praying for Steve Ruetschle  I went to the same high school as he did and his younger brother graduated a year before me. I knew him because his parents hosted Young Life meetings in their home every Monday.  The Ruetschle family is a great example of Christ-centeredness.  His parents were speakers in our Sunday School class years ago and did a month-long series on marriage for all of us "young marrieds".  I remember Steve as an excellent musician and artist.  Of course you lose touch over the years and moves away. . .but thanks to the incredible time-sucker invention of Facebook and friends that like to keep us all in the loop I found out about this and can participate in prayers for him.

My hip has been hurting for a long time.  At least 4-5 months.  I keep playing tennis though.  Now I'm entered in a local tournament starting next weekend.  My doubles partner suggested I lay off the artificial sweetener.  She said she has known five people with joint issues and once they stop eating/drinking artificial sweetener they are healed.  It's worth a try!  I didn't think giving up Diet Coke would be that hard.  It's all I've thought about today :(  And I can't have Crystal Light Peach Tea either -- my other "go to" drink.  She did, however, suggest Truvia for my hot chocolate.  That worked out well this morning.  So, we'll see how it goes.  I didn't know what I would do without the caffeine (I'm NOT a coffee drinker and just so-so with tea) and she suggested a green tea supplement so I'm going with that.  But still needed a nap after work today.  Or maybe I didn't need one but because my house was quiet I decided to take one?????  I can't believe how many pills I took this morning -- vitamin, green tea (2), fish oil, and IbuActin (a natural Ibuprofen that I am trying also).  Really, I need to see a doctor, but who has time?  Ha!  There are blogs to write, and pools to sit at, kids to entertain, tennis matches to play, people to visit, visitors here, schoolwork, rooms to clean, and life to live -- it's summertime!!!  And once in awhile I check out a couple websites for teaching jobs.

No sugar for Tom.  No artificial sweeteners for me.  No milk products for Frederick.  We're a fun family to cook for.

So, Mel (and anyone else that cares), that's what I'm up to.  Not cleaning but enjoying summer. And possibly even a quiet dinner with Tom tonight.  Tomorrow:  Frederick's soccer clinic, babysitting for a friend, probably a friend over for Thomas, and hopefully a tennis match.  Life is good :)  Great time with you yesterday too. . .would post some pool shots but that would require me to learn how to get pictures off my phone. . . 

Time it took from clicking "new post" to "publish":  1 hr., 16 mins.  Ugh.  Time left until I meet Tom for dinner:  43 minutes and that includes a 20-minute drive.  Better get moving if I want some of these piles to disappear!!!


  1. Thank You! Now I will post for you!
    I am enjoying our Tuesdays - they will be over so soon!

    I am so happy to have you as a friend. :)

  2. Just stop by to say hello. Oh a good fix for a slow computer issue is to use Live Writer to create your posts offline then hit publish and it will load when you walk away. You know when you go do all that damn cleaning. :)

    (Oh and you need to open up your comments to name/url. Otherwise people like me can not comment. This profile links to my old blog. Just FYI)


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