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I "found" my cardreader!

Yes, "found". . .I've been looking for it all summer and apparently it's been sitting on the desk the whole time.  Pathetic I guess. . .regardless, I'm happy to have it because my phone camera is more of a diary these days then my big camera. . .I still really miss the in-between one that was ruined on vacation in May :(

These are random but there is a memory (sometimes story) attached to each one. . .

My beautiful girls. . .they each look like an Aunt. . .Marie looks just like her Aunt Jodi (my sister) and Margaret looks just like her Aunt Kathy (Tom's sister).  They are as different on the inside as two people from the same family could be. . .and they are so incredibly gorgeous and talented in their own pursuits and passions.  I am so proud of who they are!
The boys were at camp for a week together this summer and we had a week with "just the girls" -- I really enjoyed that time!  Here we had stopped at DQ for a quick treat and I took the picture…

The last 2 weeks

And then, the most exciting thing happened today. . .