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What's Up Wednesday 8.30.17

It's been awhile since I have participated in one of these posts :)
I think these posts are more interesting for me to look back on than really anyone to read. . .but since I feel like I "know" lots of bloggers I read I do enjoy reading their posts in the link-ups. . .so if interested, read on, blog and link up, or put your own answers in the comments!

 Our poor, poor children.  Our schedules are so busy that every night is "what you can find".  I have been shopping -- and cooked on the weekend -- but like Frederick said to me last night, "I don't want to make my own food".  Well. . .maybe he'll find someone in his life that will prepare all of his meals for him -- ha!  (He reminds me that Grandpa Fred found someone!)  I will say that I have flank steak marinating and today at lunch Tom will grill it and I will prepare a salad so everyone can grab-and-go between school-practice-church-homework tonight.


A New Season for Him

A week ago today. . .can it have already been that long?!?
And there he is -- ready to go!  My niece said to my sister, "but Mom, what do you mean Aunt Jenni is sad?  She looks happy and is smiling in all of the pictures!".  Yep, that about sums it up.  Extremely happy, blessed, proud. . .but sad and overwhelmed too.  This kid is our first.  We learned so much from him. . .made mistakes he likes to point out. . .were too lenient, too strict, too clueless. . .but in the end, as He always does, God prevailed -- covering our inadequacies so we could have this day.  What a privilege it is to be his mother!!!

Sigh.  It's been a week now.  He's been good about answering texts (I try to keep it to one a day!) and although he was dropped off on Thursday he didn't start classes until Tuesday. . .which gave him lots of down-time to fill.  It seems that he found some people to hang with -- some from camp, some from his high school, and his roommates too -- and found a job …

Life Lately - mid-August edition

I don't just blog -- I love reading and am inspired by them :)  Shay, over at Mix and Match Mama, posed a "Life Lately" post so I thought I would jump in and do so also.
I have looked back the last two months and just can't find that "one" picture that kind of captures it "all".  I know where we were when this picture was taken but don't remember the occasion?  I think it may have been our week home alone in June. . .it's rare to dress up and go out so glad I have a Picture of the Day to remember it :)

We have had a busy summer. . .but yet sort of boring and lonely with three of the kids gone for most of it.  And now school has started (and we take our oldest to college on Thursday) and my emotions are all over the place.  This is the first time in many, many years that I have not begun school with my kiddos.

I'm sad yet know leaving the classroom behind is best for now.  I'm a mess whenever I think about Thursday. . .watching almo…