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Random Pictures on My Phone

Today is our 23rd anniversary.  As has happened the past few years, Tom has been away at Canoe Camp or I've picked him up from it or something (it's always around this time). . .but we had a trip a week and a half ago and this is one of two selfies we took -- we are lame.  I will blog about it I hope -- Savannah! -- it was great.  On top of that he brought flowers home for me yesterday and had a card for me today -- I had forgotten.  I know, I know. . .I'll have something for him when he gets home next weekend.

So. . .this is the first evening in a long time that I have had nothing to do (the younger two and I watched a movie, I took a nap, Stephen and I played Bananagrams) so I was going through my phone pictures.  You know, the ones that are still there even though Tom dumped my phone a day or so ago?  Oh, that's only me?  O.K., that would be about right.  Anyway, these are randomly here. . .I love pictures and the memories they bring back -- even the "everyday…