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My name is and I love. . .

Today at Y camp Thomas and Marie played a game where they had to shout their name and something they love.  Thomas decided to be "funny" and make up a name.  He said (or, rather, to demonstrate, SHOUTED to me), "my name is Billy Bob Joe and I love GOD!"  I said, "that was a good one, Thomas".  I turned to Marie and asked what she said.  In a much quieter voice she said, "My name is Marie and I love my dad."  I thought that was the BEST thing too.

The Picture Says It All


Another FULL summer weekend

One of my very closest friends in the world, Jill, and me:And all of our children, grandchild, and two extras (whom I have known since they were in kindergarten and third grade).
Yep, four are mine, seven are her children, one is her granddaughter, and then former babysitters Keeley (in the OU hat) and Morgan -- the other "oldest" out there (straight back in the purple tank).

We had a BLAST Saturday on Lake Cumberland. It's about two hours for us from driveway to drop-in and now that we know that, we'll certainly try to get up there more. Jill and her family have a summer place there and since she's a school teacher she can "live" at the lake almost three months of the year!!!This is her pastor husband, Jim:
Obviously there was some dancing going on. . .And tubing. . .(Yes, that was a wipe-out -- Thomas that time!)

And swimming. . .
The oldest "kid" on the trip with the youngest. . . .And fire building (although it was 92 degrees outside!)And rel…

The Creation Museum

A couple weeks ago we had the privilege of visiting the Creation Museum in northern KY. It was an INCREDIBLE experience and I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to visit to do so. It is well-worth the trip and cost. This trip was almost three weeks ago and there is so much that I learned there that is still rolling around in my brain.I went with my dad, my older two children, and my oldest niece. My niece actually took a day off school to attend -- again, well-worth it. After experiencing the museum, I would take my kids out for a day -- they will learn more there in a day than a week in school, for sure.
This awesome artwork was everywhere. I took lots of pictures :)
The biggest point of education that the directors of the museum want you to take away is creationism. The Bible is literal and true. When Genesis says the world and all it's inhabitants were created in six days, that's what the Bible means. Six literal days. And dinosaurs shared the earth with …