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The Creation Museum

A couple weeks ago we had the privilege of visiting the Creation Museum in northern KY. It was an INCREDIBLE experience and I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to visit to do so. It is well-worth the trip and cost. This trip was almost three weeks ago and there is so much that I learned there that is still rolling around in my brain.I went with my dad, my older two children, and my oldest niece. My niece actually took a day off school to attend -- again, well-worth it. After experiencing the museum, I would take my kids out for a day -- they will learn more there in a day than a week in school, for sure.
This awesome artwork was everywhere. I took lots of pictures :)
The biggest point of education that the directors of the museum want you to take away is creationism. The Bible is literal and true. When Genesis says the world and all it's inhabitants were created in six days, that's what the Bible means. Six literal days. And dinosaurs shared the earth with humans.Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before the Fall. No one died. All living creatures existed on fruit and vegetation.Many scenes were depicted at the museum. . .here is after the Fall when man had to work the soil to get his food.An entire section was devoted to this great man and his obedience to the Lord.
Noah spoke to us, answering five questions that were posed, one of which was. . .I learned so much about this period of history in this one room. . .(click on any image to make it larger)There were scale models of the ark:Capturing both the outside and inside:We took a break about 1/2way through the day to eat. The museum had a wonderful cafe and and the food was really good, for a tourist-y kind of place. No need to pack a lunch -- it was reasonably priced too :)And this was our view from the outside deck we ate on (although there was plenty of seating inside and on a screened-in porch area too). . .After going back to Noah's Ark and then touring the rest of the area, the museum ends it's exhibit with a short film on The Second Adam. . .the Fulfilled Promise of Jesus Christ, complete with a museum staff person offering to speak with anyone who had questions about Jesus or to give a copy of the Bible (I think).

Instead of buying tickets to the planetarium (we'd already sat through 2 movies, an hour lecture, and spent a couple of hours on the exhibits) we went for a walk through the gardens. They were BEAUTIFUL. These are some of my first pictures with my new camera!!
The rope bridge was an added delight to the children. . .

Nothing slows Thomas down. . .
And Marie took a few runs too. . .
AM was running like the wind too but this was such a beautiful shot of her I decided to share this one instead :)I walked away with a new knowledge of the earth.
I am convicted now (as I never was before) that you cannot marry evolution and creationism. The creators of this museum were definitive in their analysis that the earth is only 4000-6000 years old. I have seen how they back that up and I agree. Truly, it makes much more sense to me than the fact that it is millions and billions of years old. The other day a neighbor of ours told us that they found some fossils in the creek behind their house and that maybe our kids would like to come and find some too. I said I know that they'd love to, especially Marie who loves all things science. Than she proceeded to tell me that she had a scientist from our local university analyze the rocks and said they were 330 million years old. . .the truth so many people believe. Please explore these truths for yourself, look at the argument for creationism, and pray for clarity in your life.


  1. My Sister in law and her family visted there in March and we saw some awesome pictures. We can't wait to go when the kids are a little bigger. ;)


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