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This was, by far, my hardest good-bye.  I loved this school, loved my students, loved the people I worked with and for.  Truly.  It wasn't all sugar and spice and whipped cream and cherries on top -- and those who know me well understand how *difficult* these last years have been here -- but when all is said and done, my children were educated well here and it gave me life.  I spent more time here than I did in my own home (awake) and that is one of the reasons it was time to leave the classroom.  I took a quiz the other night and one of the sections summed me up perfectly -- I invest too much effort in things with a low return rate.  I BELIEVE EACH OF MY STUDENTS HAVE A VERY HIGH RETURN RATE, however, when judged against the impossibly unfair standards that the 2010's have ushered in, this trait in me is what made my family crazy.  So. . .among the many, many who have asked if I will go back to the classroom. . ."I don't know".  I just don't.  I know my fam…

A Day in the Life - January Saturday

A couple of weeks ago I was reading some Day in the Life posts. . .I really like them.  Of course, when I went back to link some I realized that it wasn't "a couple of weeks ago" but a few MONTHS ago. . .!!!  So. . .since life does speed by like this, I wanted to make a little diary of a "normal" Saturday in January around here. . .
 A good Saturday always starts with me up, alone, with all my blogs, catching up on what happened with those in my right sidebar during the week.  "Everyday life" has always been interesting to me and I enjoy doing this way more than watching TV or movies.  People interest me.

The dog doesn't usually even get up with me. . .she just lays over there, waiting for someone more interesting (or maybe more interested in her) to get up.  I usually have a chai tea or hot chocolate with me. . .even though water should be the first thing I ingest each morning -- I KNOW!

I really, really like my fitbit.  Mom gave both Tom and me …