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iPhone pictures

A few weeks ago (o.k., I started this post a few weeks ago. . .now it's more like a month or so ago) my sister gifted me with her iPhone.  Previously I had used a "regular" phone from Wal-Mart, insisting that it was OK.  Every once in a blue moon I would say "if I had a smartphone. . ." but in reality it was really o.k.  I had a Kindle Fire.  And a camera I carried around all the time anyway.  But this phone?!?

Magic I say.  Magic.  I love it :)

Looks like Miss Margaret broke in the cameraphone for me. . .I didn't even realize this was on there until I saw it downloaded on my computer :)

Marie helping me paint our dining room chairs!  She was instrumental in helping me choose the colors too -- she rocks.

I'm assuming this is a selfie because I can't imagine I took it. . .and I can't figure out where we are either. . .??

This was my picture of the day for June 22, taken at 12:14 p.m. (love the details the phone stores for me!!)

AR training one ni…

Summer 2013 - part 1

Where to begin?  I promised my family NO SCHOOL WORK this summer and, except for a 2-day inservice in June, I mostly kept to that promise.  It seems, though, that with the "no school work" promise I also stayed away from the computer.  And you know what?!?  It was a GREAT break.  I do feel a little out of touch, but I catch up on other blogs and such every once in awhile. . .and sometimes Pinterest gets me sucked in with school articles when I venture there but, for the most part, I enjoyed my low-expectations summer :)  Except I *really* missed blogging.  I kept up with picture of the day but then sitting down and actually loading and journaling. . .well. . .as you can tell, that didn't happen.

And now summer's over.

Yep.  I went back to school over a week ago and the kiddos all started on Thursday.

Yea. . .they look excited to go back, huh?  O.K., maybe not. . .but maybe.  Maybe they were just hiding their delight.  I had to make the comment to them that th…

A May Soccer Weekend

The weekend before school was out was our last "full" weekend of the year.  In fact, even though I take a picture of the day every day, I had to go back and reference my calendar to see what we were doing on May 18th!!!  This was the first game in Frederick's U10 Y soccer tournament (his U12 team at our soccer club had won their bracket the week before).  The team won this game and went on to the semi-finals, which they played the following Tuesday, their last day of school. 

Frederick played on two teams this past spring because he insisted that he wanted to be with this Y coach but we had already signed him up with the local soccer club.  In the end we allowed him to do both and it was the right decision -- he had plenty of soccer, was a leader on both teams, and it didn't create too much extra time or conflicts on the calendar.  And guess what? That goal didn't count!!! Talk about pressure on a 9-yr-old. . .to have a free kick, kick it, score, and then…