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First Boating Day of the Year

Yea!!!! Boating season is here!!! I didn't take the time to crop or enhance these pictures at all. . .they are straight from my phone. Our camera finally bit the dust at Margaret's birthday party Friday night. . .it's never been a "great" camera but this time we are replacing it. Not with anything fancy, but Tom's been shopping this weekend and found one to buy later today at Sam's. He said he almost stopped after church yesterday to pick it up but we really wanted to get to the lake!!!
I took this picture of Thomas as soon as we got on the boat. . .Tom was still parking the truck. I should have waited a couple more minutes. . .he put his sunglasses on and that completed the effect :) He had a new long-sleeved rash guard shirt and insisted on wearing it even though it was in the 80's. He never complained of being hot though. . .definitely my son!
I think I sent this picture to my brother when I took it. . .the kids love it when my brother and s…

My one-month blog break

I have missed blogging!!! SO much has been going on. . .I just plain haven't had the time. Real people have to take priority but I want this to be a journal for my family too so I probably should find a little more time.

I like posting pictures the most. We had awful storms yesterday and when we lost power it fried our main computer so no pictures today. Not that I've been taking many. . .it's just when I blog I find reasons to take pictures :)

My VERY LAST paper for this semester is due at 11:55 tonight. It is done except for citing sources. I'll do that after church today. I should have an online final this week (but with a current 100% in the class I'm not too worried about it) and than another final in statistics this Thursday. My class has a study session scheduled for today and I'll probably go. Statistics is NOT fun and not something I am wholly interested in. Sigh. I'll have a break until June 2nd when I walk out of that classroom Thursday …