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Friday Favorites - the best of May 2017

What a month May 2017 was!!!  If I *had* to pick a Picture of the Month it would be this:
A graduate, three more to go, and I don't think I have a *single* picture of the dog in a group picture.
But then there is this:
CAMP!!!  We were there as a family mid-month for their 75th celebration and I just got home from there again yesterday because I was doing some work during training week, which is happening now.  The three older ones are there for the summer. . .Thomas is a counselor, Marie a junior counselor, and Margaret a CIT (counselor-in-training).  Frederick leaves to go -- as a camper -- next Sunday.  We LOVE CLC.  This was a Picture-of-the-Day Wednesday night, as the counselors and jr. counselors were worshiping together by the pool.

They have quite a crew serving this year. . .two years ago I had the idea to do biographies on each of the counselors and last year decided hang them on the wall of the dining hall so parents can know who they are leaving their 8-14-year-old chi…