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Big day for Marie!!!

I picked her up at 1:30 from school today.
She has been counting down the days. . .
We were trying hard to get the *perfect* shot.  This came pretty close :)

Was it worth it?


Cousins photoshoot 2010

Each year my sister and I get together and have our kids pictures taken together.  One year I didn't think it was all that important and skipped it.  I'm so very sorry now.  It's now become a tradition and one that I hope we continue for a long, long time.  We try to start planning the session in the summer. . .and this year you wouldn't believe the hurdles we had to jump to make it happen!  With six very active children in cities 300 miles apart we really have to *make* it work. This was our photographer.  JVJ had hired her to meet up at a park for her family portraits then I brought my kids a little later so we could do the 6 kiddos together. I guess in this picture Marie and Frederick weren't quite sure *which* photographer to look at yet -- ha!
There were lots of fun poses and set-ups. . .these are my photos while trying to stay out of the way :)  Angela's (the photographer) are way better and more professional, of course.

And then they *insisted* on a pyramid.…

Last Day of Fall Soccer 2010

Wow!  It has been a TERRIFIC season!!!

Most of these pictures are from today, our last day, but this first one is my absolute favorite -- and I didn't even take it :)
Didn't Thomas do a great job when he commandeered my camera for awhile last weekend?  I hope to frame this at some point.  Anyway, today was the LAST day.  Frederick had an 8:30 game.  And it was 30 degrees outside.  Brrrrrrrrr. . .

 Ugh!  The long hair is driving me CRAZY.  It's called "picking your battles" at this point. . .
 Thanks, Coach, er, Dad. . .(getting his trophy)
This last picture is a fluke. . .I don't know how I got it but that's pretty much him, ALL THE TIME out there.  He scored a goal while playing defense today.  Yep, that sums him up.
 For some reason, Thomas thought it would be "fun" to turn his shirt backwards for the second half.  Half the team followed suit.  Crazy :)
Thomas was really "on" today.  He made a goal from 1/2 field, another strong goal early…