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17 Things from 2017

These are certainly in no order and after completing 17 things. . .there are so many more to add!!  Reviewing a  year like this brings such joy and fullness in my heart. 1.)  Robert's graduation definitely defined our year.  He did not have the "typical" first-child-graduating- from-high-school experience. . .between our move his sophomore year to leaving soccer his junior year he didn't have much to "leave behind".  He actually "graduated" in December 2016 but wasn't eligible to walk until May with the rest of his class -- which he chose not to do.  I'm forever grateful that my sister insisted on marking this milestone with a trip down here
and we ended up with a BBQ at our house with a few friends and some family.  As we look ahead, we have many more graduations to look forward to in our lives!
2.)  This picture actually sums up two major things in 2017 -- the inauguration of President Donald Trump and one of my last images in the class…