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Some pictures to share

It's late -- we spent the day on the lake! -- and it's been a long week. . .
 Last weekend my dad decided to paint the dining room for us!  The first color I had picked was to the left of the entry there. . .but my girlfriends who were over on Saturday said they liked the "wet cement" color better (it is a bit darker). . .so that's what we went with!  I think it will look really good with the 6" baseboard and crown molding we have planned. . . And most especially with the window that is supposed to go in that big blank spot!  I don't know when we'll finish this all up now that school is in full-swing. . .  Monday was registration day. . .my dad was here and tried to get a picture but keeping eyes open in "the sun is too bright" setting was just too much for these three.  Thomas was participating in Death at Dawn with Tom.  The first "official" day of school was Wednesday.  Tom brought Thomas to school after Death at Dawn (5:30-6:3…

Checking in. . .no pictures

It drives me crazy that I don't have pictures to post.  I just didn't get out the "big" camera this week and I can't find the card reader for my phone. . .oh well. . .

It was camp week again around here.  The boys went to Cedar Lake Camp with their cousin Patrick and three friends from Ohio.  We dropped them off Sunday and they came home Saturday morning.  It was a quiet week without them and they were missed but they had a great time.  They got letters from grandparents, a package they had to sing for (if a camper gets 3 letters or a package in one day they make them sing in front of everyone before they can have it!) and not much sleep.  The girls didn't have a chance to go this year because they were busy with cheerleading (Margaret) and various sports camps (Marie).

Marie had lacrosse camp this week.  I didn't get one single picture of that so will have to rely on our memories for that one.  She seems to like the sport but not as much as soccer. . .th…


We began with this:

Got it down to this:

And this is where we are now:

The girls and I drove to Brentwood yesterday to pick up some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I really wanted to use that with a wax finish on the bottom.  Hmmmm. . .jury is still out.  Almost everything I pinned that I liked was ASCP. . .I *almost* paid enormous shipping costs then found there was a stockist 1.5 hours away so the girls and I headed that way.  It was very expensive, but I was prepared for that.  Here's the thing. . .I bought the dark wax but so far I don't think I like the way it looks:

The right side is treated with AS Dark Wax, the left is not.  The left is too "stark" for me but I'm just not loving the wax treatment either.  The paint is very different. . .well. . .chalky -- ha!  I think if it had a smooth, satin finish I would like it plain but since it doesn't (and I knew this going into it) I'm thinking about this maybe?
 I am not normally a "distresser" but I…

Home From Camps

The youngest three and I got home from camp yesterday (Friday) afternoon.  We had time to go through all of our pictures with Tom but I don't have it in me right now to edit and post them here right now.  This is a good  one of all of us with the CentriKid staff member that was assigned to our church that was posted on Facebook.  My large group shot didn't turn out as well as this so I was glad to be tagged on this one!
This is the only picture of me from camp (that I'm aware of because, duh, I'm always behind the camera). . .over to the far left in the jean jacket.  And under that I had on long sleeves. . .it was a cool, wet morning.  Nobody else seems to have my cold blood.  Miss Margaret is piggy-backed on our staffer, James, Marie is to the left in the back row with a pair of sunglasses on her head, and Frederick is almost smack-dab in the middle in the second row, kind of sitting up on his knees.  We had 47 people from our church attend.  Our Children's Direct…

Off to Camp. . .and 4th of July pictures

I started this post Monday morning. . .it's now Wednesday night. . .ha!

The younger three and I are off to Centri-Kid camp with our church today! We are really looking forward to it. . .Thomas went to Cedar Lake Camp yesterday for the week. . .we decided this was his fifth summer attending!  I didn't even get to drop him off. . .his cousin was going too so Aunt Debbie took them both up together.  I'm sure the picture this year wouldn't have been much different then last year. . .  Well, except they are maybe in a different cabin. . .and much taller. . .

We spent the 4th of July holiday in Ohio with friends and family. . .here are some unedited pictures for those that are interested :)  Busy, busy!

Miss Susan let me pull a tooth -- one of my favorite things to do (really)!