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Friday Favorites - prom, DC, and tearing down a deck

I usually don't participate in this fun group's Friday Favorites (although I spend a good amount of time on the weekends reading the links) but there is a lot to report this week and it's doubtful each will get its own blog post - ha!  Here is the link-up if you are interested in participating too:
Please take the time to visit each of the hosts' blogs - they are a great group of moms and I learn lots from them all!
PROM!!!  Oh wow.  I just realized that this is the only picture I have of Thomas by himself but his date's parents had a photographer so I will have some good ones :) He looks soooooooooo good, doesn't he?!?  He must have said 100 times "this isn't my 'thing'" (and I totally get that) but I'm so, so, so glad that he went.  He's never done a formal HS dance and finished up his diploma criteria in December so the "end" of high school has been very anti-climatic.  Luckily his good friend from camp (where these pic…

This and That - March 2017

I sat down to blog about Spring Break (two weeks after the fact!) but don't have all of my pictures in one place.  Sigh.  Lately I've been searching for pictures for various things and find so many that I take but never write about.  Here is one of my favorites from Spring Break 2017:
We had a Spring Break trip this year -- not a vacation (something we plan and budget for) -- but a trip to see some family in Florida.  This was the last night we were there -- it was a quick 3-day haul with an additional day at each end for travel -- and, as you can see by the way we were dressed, it was a fairly cold March evening in the Tampa Bay area.

Ok, I've tried three times to get this picture to turn. . .oh well.  Marie did not go with the rest of us to FL -- instead, she was invited by Marla's host family to join them in Hilton Head.  I don't think the temperature ever got above  sixty degrees for them the entire week :(  Both the girls said they still had a great time thou…