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Thanksgiving 2011

Thomas ran in the annual Turkey Trot 5K which the YMCA puts together each year.
Of course I'm on the "wrong" computer to make the pictures come out right.  Sigh.  This is before the race, about 7 a.m.  He's going to do GREAT, I just know it :)
I was working for the Y that morning, helping people to pick up their race packets and then watching the kids left behind when their parent(s) went to run but did sneak out to get a picture of the crowd.
There were 500 runners registered and 423 that actually showed up to run (some of the registrations were for the kids' 1-mile fun run too).  Thomas was right out in front to start the race -- he's in the green cap right of center.
I left my post (again) inside 20 minutes after the race began and saw him already coming up the street!  (He did pass the guy in front of him in his sprint to the end.)
My dad was there, Tom, Thomas's sister Marie and his brother Frederick. . .all cheering him in these last few seconds.
I was (o…

Right Now

It is a gray, rainy day.  Right now it is drizzling.
Yea, you can't tell though, can you?  This is some sort of kicking-the-balls-at-one-another game.  I was just taking pictures. . .and getting wet.

They love jumping on the trampoline when it's raining or snowing and slipping and sliding around.  Rain is better because they put on swimsuits or something else that is just as easy to dry. . .  One of the kids even mentioned that it's November 21st and we're outside in our swimsuits!!! says it's 64 degrees outside. . .good enough for me. Will someone get hurt/mad? Probably.  But I choose to remember the smiles. And the energy burned :) If they were in school and had free time they would not be allowed outside in the rain drizzle. . .they'd be sitting in the dark watching a movie. I prefer this.

New Basketball Hoop!

The post the grandpas have been looking for (and I don't even know that they read. . .but Nana and Mammaw will certainly point it out -- ha!)
Think maybe it was time for a new one???  The old one was a gift to the kids when we first moved down here 5+ years ago.  We've had a couple of nets, I've backed into the base, it fell over a few times (the wind down here can be wicked), and Grandpa Fred even tried to make a new backboard at one point.  Well, with Thomas making the basketball team at the school we're registered at and just the eyesore that it is in our driveway the grandpas got together and surprised us with a new system!
Oh, here we go with the sideways pictures again. . .ugh.  Think it might be this computer.  Anyway, putting this together last Sunday gave father-and-son a chance to spend the afternoon together!
(OK, switching computers. . .let's see if this helps)
 (Ha!  Changing computers helped!  Wonder why. . .)

This made me laugh. . .another instance where…

We Now Have a Teenager in the House

Happy 13th birthday Thomas!   It was a full day. . .I am tired.  I think you are too because we sent everyone to bed at 9:45 and haven't heard a sound since. I got the chair picture with you holding up "13" on your hands but it keeps turning sideways and I don't have the patience to figure it out right now. . . I only have 1/2 the days' photos downloaded and edited. . .while Margaret was at gymnastics tonight I loaded the pictures we had already taken (thank you for getting your chair picture first thing!) You all began the day with a little basketball before Community Bible Study. And you talked everyone in to a picture -- thank you!!! And Marie even took one of us. . .remember how we were comparing our heights in the mirror this morning before we put shoes on? On our way to CBS we made a quick stop at Ralph's so your could treat your teen class today: We went to see It's A Wonderful Life (put on by our local children's theatre) this afternoon with our co-…