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We Now Have a Teenager in the House

Happy 13th birthday Thomas!  
It was a full day. . .I am tired.  I think you are too because we sent everyone to bed at 9:45 and haven't heard a sound since.
I got the chair picture with you holding up "13" on your hands but it keeps turning sideways and I don't have the patience to figure it out right now. . .
I only have 1/2 the days' photos downloaded and edited. . .while Margaret was at gymnastics tonight I loaded the pictures we had already taken (thank you for getting your chair picture first thing!)
You all began the day with a little basketball before Community Bible Study.
And you talked everyone in to a picture -- thank you!!!
And Marie even took one of us. . .remember how we were comparing our heights in the mirror this morning before we put shoes on?
On our way to CBS we made a quick stop at Ralph's so your could treat your teen class today:
We went to see It's A Wonderful Life (put on by our local children's theatre) this afternoon with our co-op group and then you had a few free hours at home before basketball practice.  I let you open Grandpa Foster's gift early because it was something you could do with your siblings for the afternoon.
And lastly, before I wrap this up, you insisted on cupcakes tonight, but "not made from a box and not frosted with frosting from a can".  You wanted something "special", but not chocolate.  So I searched and combined some different recipes I found.  I baked these: (which I originally saw here)
(And I cheated. . .they started with a boxed mix. . .and then I added in a bunch of other stuff)
Then filled them with peanutbutter cream:
Then put the "lid" back on:
And then made the suggested buttercream icing that came with the cupcake recipe and frosted them:
And this is where my pictures end.  I took you to your basketball practice at 5 and your dad picked you up at 7.  I don't know what you did between 7-7:41 when the rest of us finally met up with you at your restaurant choice tonight, Chili's.  It wasn't a good experience. . .we didn't end up having to pay for our meal.  You chose it because of the onion rings.  Ugh.  We did bring your gifts and you got to open them there (glad we had something to do while we waited 1/2 hour for our food in an empty restaurant).You got money (what else do teenagers want???), a new soccer ball from Daddy, a new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book that came out this week from your siblings, I'm going to take you to a movie after work on Tuesday night, Nana & Grandpa got you a watch band holder for your nano, Aunt Jodi bought you some Under Armor running pants and Grandpa Foster sent you $20 to buy a new basketball (way cheaper then trying to mail one!!!).  When we finally got home after 9 p.m. we put 13 candles in your cupcakes and sang to you.  I haven't seen the pictures yet because your dad was taking them.  You liked the cupcakes, which made the time and effort I put into them worth it :)  I actually saved 15 of them (unfilled) for Thanksgiving next week -- your dad suggested a cream cheese filling for those. . .

I love you, Thomas.  You are a fantastic son, an awesome big brother, and a special nephew and grandson.  This morning I told your dad that 13 years ago today I could not have imagined this life that we now have together but had I been given a glimpse, I would have been overjoyed to see the richness and fullness of our life (and probably a little scared about how fast time was going to go!)  The next thirteen years?  I'm sure it's beyond our small imagination but I look forward to sharing them together with this incredible family that God has so perfectly put together.
Happy Birthday!!!


  1. They grow up entirely too fast don't they! The teen years as so fun, our last two are now teens at 15 and 18 and it just seems like yesterday the 26 year old turned 13!

  2. Nice to see you used the recipe! It is the best! And I like how you added the peanut butter cream inside! :)


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