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I have missed blogging so much. . .April-May were a whirlwind with school, tennis, soccer, cheer, and end-of-school activities.  As soon as school got out I had a couple of trips to Ohio.  I kept up (mostly) with picture-of-the-day and would still like to journal them. . .we have had some significant events -- like Margaret's 11th birthday! -- and I frequently think what a "bad mom" I am for not making sure these events are chronicled.  I'll get there. . .I hope. . .

I have had time for Facebook, though, which is rare.  It's easy to quickly throw a picture or comment on there and connect instantly.  Blogging is more one-sided.  And Blogger has been acting up -- sometimes loading pictures takes the joy out of it all.  One of the last posts I wrote, April Weekend, literally took me two weeks to finish.  Last night I stumbled upon a blog a Dayton friend of mine has started and she said it so perfectly. . ."The idea of keeping up with the blog is a bit daunting …

Happy Father's Day, Tom!

We had a fantastic day together on beautiful Dale Hollow Lake.  We love you Tom. . I thank God daily for giving us the blessing of parenthood.  You are the most perfect Earthly Father for these four.  Thank you for being a leader, example, provider, and present in our lives.